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Thursday, October 27, 2011


On Monday, David Medina, the Minister of Propaganda for the Hartford Schools took the time to issue a press release of "high importance" to condemn me and this blog for information I posted regarding an art exhibit at Hartford High School.

This is the first time I can remember Medina taking issue with anything, but none the less, it was good to see Medina at least doing something to earn his salary of $120,000 plus. Medina's press release drew traffic to the blog so I want to show my appreciation to him

Unfortunately though, it seems that Medina "misses" much of what goes on in the schools. Whether that is intentional is not known. In an effort to assist Medina in his job, I will try to post information I learn about the inner goings on at our schools. Much of this I am sure the administration would like parents to know what their children are being subjected to in their schools.


The Hartford Fire Department was called this afternoon to extinguish a fire that had been set in a trashcan in a girl's bathroom at the Bellizzi Middle School. The fire was extinguished by a security guard at the school. Initially, the administration of the school chose not to notify the Fire Department, but the School Resource Officer requested the Fire Department due to the smoke condition in the school.

The incident has been turned over to the Hartford Police Department Arson investigators.

See how easy that was Dave. As a public service I will try to post any incidents of guns, weapons, drugs or arson's occurring in Hartford Schools so the public can get a true picture of what goes on in our schools.


Anonymous said...

OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! You are really not going to make Mr. Medina too happy now. LOL. But on a more serious note, someone informed me a few years back that there was an incident of a young male student at Rawson School who was caught touching other children in an inappropriate manner in the bathroom. I am not sure how long ago this occured. I hope this wasn't true. Thanks for the posts though! As a parent of a child in Hartford Public Schools I appreciate the effort to keep us informed.

Quibble44 said...

They should take Medinas salary and buy some books with it.