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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Word around City Hall is that the position of Chief Operating Officer may not be the most stable path for career development these day's, but in light of that, maybe we should try getting some answers to questions before any changes take place. It seems like our elected officials either don't know the answers or just don't want to answer the questions.

Let's start with an easy one. Where is the theater at Front Street? It was announced with fanfare and press releases the first time it was presented. Then I guess that developer backed out and the project was picked up by another developer to fanfare and press releases all over again. Those press releases heralded the opening in "Fall2011". Unless I am mistaken, fall is here and not one piece of drywall has been hung yet.

Next question... when is the Market @ Hartford 21 reopening. We were told they were "regrouping" when they abruptly closed, well...maybe not so abruptly, I think most of us saw it coming. And while we are at it, what was the approval process for the $400,000 "loan" given to keep them afloat? Members of the Council are claiming ignorance to any knowledge of approving the funds, but then again, ignorance is very plausible when looking at many of this Council's actions.

Question number 3...what oversight is in place to make sure the "Festival of Lights" or "Winterfest" ,or whatever we are calling it this year, is being organized properly to avoid another embarrassing public relations nightmare similar to last years "squirrel and bird protection" event. To read more about that, click here or here

Question number 4... Several years ago, our wonderful corporate neighbor, Northland cut a deal to develop the former YMCA on Jewel Street into luxury condos. All of the male occupants who rented rooms there were forced out, most likely increasing the numbers of Hartford's homeless population. The building still sits empty to this day as the ugly twin to Capitol West, a sign of a city that just doesn't get it when they are being played for fools. Why isn't the "Y" at least re-opened to serve a need for housing a segment of Hartford's population that is really needed as we head into winter.

Question number 5... After the previous corrupt administration forced a Hartford landmark, WFSB 3, out of the city to Rocky Hill more press releases and fanfare heralded a "green" multi story office building on the former Channel 3 site. Where is it? I still pass a vacant lot every time I exit Route 2, not a good welcome mat for those entering the city for the Science Center or the Convention Center

I'll stop with those questions, I know editing resumes and job searches take time, so I don't want to tie you up too much, but the voters might enjoy a hit of the truth when making their voting decisions on what direction Hartford is headed in.


Manny HaHa said...

Any homeless unskilled person could do a better job as Hartford's COO.

RB said...

Perhaps Hartford's Shooting Task Force should sweep the Mayor's office and Council chambers. Every time some one opens their mouth, they shoot themselves in the foot!

James Brown (good god) said...

Great questions, and I am sure this is only the tip of the Iceberge. Is it further corruption or just incompetent leadership, possibly a combo of both. The city's political landscape will not change until all of the corrupt job patronizing politicians are lead out of town in handcuffs. It's a shame that the Capitol City is in the shambles it's in, a once vibrant city is a former shell of itself.

Mr King said...

Front Street is like a ghost town. Can you imagine someone staying at the Marriott trying to find something to do at night?

Anonymous said...

KB,Congrats, great article,

The Hartford 21 deal was more than 400K, City Council and the COO are not responsible for this transaction.

The mayor and his love for drama funded this crap without process, KB FOI everything. The truth is out there.

Anonymous said...

Pain in the ... Panagore - Not Guilty - A change agent.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone attend Festival of Lights when Goodwin Park (thankfully) will be open again?
That's where we are all heading.
Does anyone wonder what ever happened to the sewer upgrades that Hartford was suppossed to get?

Anonymous said...

To answer two of your questions, Northland has been nothing short of a joke since they tore into Hartford, played developer and hotelier, drove The Goodwin Hotel into the ground, defaulted on their mortgages at the Lincoln building, spent a jillion $$ building out a market that could never be successful, and never filled another lease in their store fronts on Trumbull or Asylum Street.

I don't know if the politicos in Hartford were just starstruck or if they believed the BS that Larry G. was spewing, but Northland has brought nothing more than overpriced apartments and empty storefronts to downtown.

But if I recall correctly, much of that was underwritten by the city as well, no?