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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A wide ranging complaint against individuals involved in the upcoming municipal election was filed today by Hartford resident Alyssa Peterson. The complaint, accompanied by numerous supporting exhibits and documents, seems to raise questions about the process used for selecting candidates. The accompanying documents also seem to raise questions about the integrity of some of the candidates running.

The documents compiled by Peterson were obtained mostly from police reports and documents as well as court documents and are included in the PDF file below.

The complaint and the exhibits pretty much speak for themselves and are well worth the reading time. Exhibits "E" and "F" are very interesting.

And in the interest of full disclosure, as if anyone doesn't already know, I am also running for City Council as an independent candidate.

Peterson Complaint Exhibits

Official Complaint Dinardo


MHIS Mole said...

Why did she leave the information out about Candidate McDonald having test scores for his daughter "altered" to improve her class ranking? This could be verified through MHIS records as well as through one individual who was forced to make the changes.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

maybe Ayallsa doesn't know everything?

Bruce Rubenstein said...

While I am not surprised with the level of corruption,dysfunctionality,immorality and unethicalness,the complaint reads as if many on the HDTC and some elected officials should be dragged off the political stage in handcuffs.

Janice/VOWOC said...

The Voices of Women of Color have members who are gay. We can say without qualification that what Alyssa has done is callous, insensitive, and cruel. We believe that the point could have been made without victimizing Mayor Seggarra who was a victim of long-standing abuse. This is the equivalent of making a rape report public in order to make a point about elections for a female candidate. That would be outrageous and the stakes are no different in this case. We can not see the fairness in this particular disclosure of a previous complaint as a way of unveiling corruption in City Hall.
Shame on YOU, Alyssa!

Hubert Honswickle said...

Janice...If Pedro was a victim of " long standing abuse" then why did he employ as campaign staff, Angel Morales,a known felon,and profiled in this blog and elswhere as dancing before a teenaged boy in his navy blue boxers? Furthermore,Mr Morales allegedly tried to pick up Pedro's teenage nephew at the library,which Pedro knew about BEFORE employing Mr Morales in his campaign.Mr Morales is also Minnie's staff intern up at the Legislature and is also the Secretary of the HDTC.

Janice why aren't YOU and your group calling for the removal of Mr Morales from these posts?


Rip Van Sprinkle said...

Jance gave money to Minnie's campaign.The same Minnie with SEEC judgements against her...and a hubby who patronized prostitutes...and a son arrested for raping a 12 year old girl.Minnie's intern up at the Capitol is the infamous Angel Morales,who is a felon and who danced in his boxers before a teenaged boy,alone in his campaign office.

Janice's group also received money from Pedro's campaign and now is on her knees doing Pedro's bidding ripping apart an honest citizen who is sick of all the criminals,felons,predators and corruption in city hall and in the party.

Anonymous said...

Hubert Honswickle: Help me understand what Angel's past has to do with Alyssa's decision to publicize a 15-year-old personal issue for no other reason than to further the political agenda of folks with no other legs to stand on. I'm also wondering why no one is questioning the ethics of publishing said record, which was sealed and only in the possession of the attorney who represented the respondent. Finally, the VOWOC does more work to educate voters than all the people cooking up this BS. When are we going to stop worrying about people's personal lives and start focusing on the issues that matter?

Hubert Honswickle said...

To Anonymous;

the personal lives of politicians and political operatives matter,when their personal lives interfer with the political process.Ms Peterson's exhibits clearly show that to be the case here.Try lifting your paid blinders off for a bit.

Also,I noticed that you did'nt say one word,not one word about getting rid of felons,criminals,the corrupt or morally challenged from Hartford politics.Your silence is telling and frankly you and others like you who are silent, are part of the problem in Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Really Anonymous...the VOWOC is nothing more then a political prostitution group,politically lying down with a politician who will leave a few bucks on the nightstand when they leave.If they had a decent and honest bone in their body at all,they would do political work for free.

Secondly exactly how do you know the record was in fact sealed? My god Allysa must be super powerful in order to get sealed records. Maybe we should have run her for Mayor?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mr. Rubenstein may be at the center of releasing sealed records. Ms. Peterson's hero should be disbarred if that's the case -- and it's likely to be the case.

Bruce Rubenstein said...


Anonymous said...

Stick to chasing ambulances, Mr. Rubenstein. Raging and fussing to make your living. And consider moving to a town where your style of neanderthal politics will affect livestock more than people.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

balless wonders NEVER sign their own name LMAO TFF

Bruce Rubenstein said...

And finally to NoBalls Anonymous at 8:38PM..

The restraining order was PUBLIC information gathered by Ms Peterson alone.She got the material from the grievance committee file in a case entitled
"Mendez Vs. Segarra", in which the files are public.

I represented Mr Mendez a long time ago against Segarra.Naturally the politicians and Pedro remember that I represented Mendez.No smart lawyer would ever dispense sealed material that is so easilly traceable back to that lawyer.Only a dunce, or someone looking to get caught or someone mentally challenged would release the restraining order under that factual pattern.

Is that the best you got? LMAOOOO