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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I could say so many things about this and go in so many different directions.

The Emergency Dispatch Center at Jennings Road has been evacuated and moved to the Emergency Operations Center at City Hall because of "bugs". Yes, the actual living type...insects, not the "electronic" type.

Apparently the Dispatch Center was overrun with crawling critters and needed to be fumigated, although no one would say exactly what the "insects" are.

I can suggest other areas that might be worthy of a fumigation, and even maybe an exorcism. Maybe the Chief's complex should be swept for "bugs" also

UPDATE 12:00pm

In typical City of Hartford "spin machine" the move is being called a "Mock Exercise" not a word was mentioned that the Center is overrun with bugs.

Here is the release below:


From the City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media

For Immediate Release: Thursday, November 17, 2011



(Hartford) - The City of Hartford's Emergency Services and Telecommunications Division will be conducting a mock exercise today wherein the entire City of Hartford Dispatch Center will be abandoned and moved to the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Room 304 on the third floor of Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street, Hartford.

The media is invited to a press availability with City of Hartford Emergency Planning officials at the EOC today at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the emergency planning exercise. Emergency Services and Telecommunications Director Andrew Jaffee and Jared Kupiec, Chief of Staff to Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, will be available for interviews.

For further information contact Nancy Mulroy, Public Information Officer, City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media at 860-757-4021/office or 860-930-8945/cell.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

maybe they should stop with the "spin BS" an tell the truth.This constant prevaricating emanating from city hall is one reason out of many, why Hartford is fked up.This prevaricating has gone on thru different administrations, leading to the situation where many citizens of Hartford do not believe any or most press releases emanating from city hall.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy, this kid just made the Mayors transparent form of Goverment look like a bank vault door. This kid has done nothing but harm and strained relationships for the mayor. Good going Jared keep up the good work.

peter brush said...

Emergency Services and Telecommunications Director
Do we, a town of 100,000, have a guy whose full-time job is to tele-communicate during emergencies?