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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Apparently the "occupiers" are planning a protest today to send a message to those nasty Corporate neighbors of ours. From what I understand, they plan to lay down at the entrance ramps to I-84 at Broad Street.

Who is that going to hurt or inconvenience other than hard working people trying to get home after a day at work?

Why not lay down at the driveways at the Corporate locations where the limousines leave at the end of the day returning Corporate executives to their homes? That might have more impact than disrupting everyone. But I'm not sure what the message the "Occupiers" have been trying to get out anyway, other than one of chaos and confusion.

So make today's rush hour a little easier and stay in Hartford at one of our restaurants and relax until the mess clears.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

What a fkn dumb strategy.They are punishing good working folks,not the corporate executives by blockaiding the ramps,turning off the very same people who probably support them.I would not be surprised at all if public opinion now turns against them.

wcstrong said...

This event was planned by the unions, we supported it, but we didn't plan it.