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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday I posted that Mayor Segarra had just announced the permanent Human Resources Director. I got that information from a news article someone had sent to me and I mistakenly thought it was from yesterday, not checking out the date.  She was apparently appointed in February of 2012.

Everything else in the posting I stand by. The vindictiveness , the witchhunt, misuse of city credit cards, massages...all of it.

We will see if the City Council steps up and exercises the authority given to them by the Charter and actually looks into her egregious behavior.

As of yesterday, my understanding is that the employee being singled out has retained legal counsel. Let the battle begin


Anonymous said...

she gives out man hours paid for by the city as christmas gifts?? is that even legal? is that approved through the mayor? and if so THEN THAT IS A BUNCH OF CRAP im sick and tired of hearing the city cry poverty and then let morons like this use a city credit card and give away hours of work> kevin< maybe a nice little third party audit< like in pymouth ct will be needed>> but that poor poor lady there explained that she got her personnel and work credit cards confused>>>>

Anonymous said...

she is a fool< i hope that employee has a tape recorder on her so she can catch this idiot treating people like crap< then have channel # run with it>

Anonymous said...

the mayor should just quit lets have a vote of no confidence in his abilitites he is driving this place into the ground

pjs only for klank said...

She should have her credit card taken away. If she needs money, write a memo and purchase order. That way there is a paper trail, not a list of excuses. But im sure she will run to the NAACP and cry for protection. She is a power hungry b*** with no people skills. Wait till someone records her on an Iphone.....

15 years of patrol said...

Why is Sgt Klank still makin up his own rules? why has this guy not be taken out of his postion. WHY Why WHy Chief Rovella? This is effecting Morale. It effects work ethic and mental stability of the troops. Patton would never allow thias nonsense. You promised change and a new day ? When ? the troops are suffering. Time to Lead Us, Please!!!!

Massage Envy said...

Hey Pedro:
Wake up and smell the coffee! This leach is going to cost you a lot of support and money, not that she hasn't already. She is making decisions that will drag the city into ligation, she hasn't got a clue about labor relations. Make be she should take a course on the good ole "customer service" & "effective employee relations" because she needs it bad. Acting like a dictator and a bully, and the do as I say not as I do mentality will not fly. If the people who really do the work decide to leave HR ( since it already up shit's creek, thanks to Val) then its going fall over shit's falls.
Grab a baby wipe and clean that shit out of the basement floor called HR and actually put someone who knows how to do the job in their, not some over inflated pompous ass that try's to use her womanly ways to fool people. Anyone who has any common sense can see right through her like a screen door.
Make the change Pedro before you lose a lot of good hard working people who actually care about the city and their work. What would you rather have, hard working honest people or this lame excuse for a director who only cares about herself and misusing city fund?

Anonymous said...

She must be following the foot steps of the C.O.O,obviously they are both making out like bandits,..If the C.O.O can double dip, get her pension,and a big check with the extra raise, so why can't Valda misuse her credit card. Pedro's is to blame for trying to help out his friends. It's call abuse of power. Attorney's are educated thiefs with a license to legally steal,cover it up and make everything look legal.Pedro needs to wake up, stop cutting ribbons and start acting like the Major, you need to change your advisors, you ae getting bad advice, it's obvious that the position has climb to your head.Pedro shame on you. You are making our city look bad.

Anonymous said...

Blame the COO for hiring Valda Washington.

The mayor won't get rid of Valda Washington in HR. He won't see the problems because she is protected and defended by Saundra Kee-Borges. They will just keep making excuses and blame the "complainers".

Borges hired and recommended Valda for the Director job. She arranged the relocation and expenses on top of salary. And she didn't see through the obvious deficiencies and fluff HR-speak on Valda's resume. So Borges now feels the need to defend her decision and create a buffer zone. They dismiss and cover up because ignorance is bliss....if even temporarily.

When HR is corrupt and incompetent at the top the rest of the city departments don't have a chance in hell. You can't expect to get the best out of employees and for them to care about their work product or ethics when the example set by the HR Director is to be a professional networker instead of a leader. She can't lead because she lacks all credibility and substantive knowledge of HR, civil service and labor relations.

Its a total disaster and employees in all departments know it.