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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


When State Rep. Doug McCrory called me yesterday to get out information about his forum tonight , he also said that he had an unusual request to ask of me.   He said that he wanted to praise a couple of Hartford police Officers publicly for ma job well done.

The request came at a good time because I also got another call yesterday telling me that a Hartford Police Officer had been bad mouthing me  and the blog yesterday during roll call, upset that I had made HPD look bad when I post about wrongdoing by HPD officers. The downtown officer, who shall remain nameless, was upset by the Jamaican Fire Truck story and the possible involvement of an HPD Sergeant .

I asked the caller if maybe the unnamed Officer had gone to the subject of the posting and asked why he would put himself in a position, allegedly. to embarrass HPD.  I guess it is a case of "kill the messenger" don't question the one who committed the action, allegedly.

Anyway, I think I do praise HPD and their positive actions as well as report on the negatives when they are justified to be out in the public. I often get accused of being the PR agent for Chief Rovella and HPD. I guess it is what it is.

So to satisfy the request of my State Rep, here is his message of appreciation. Apparently Monday night, McCrory's I-phone was stolen. He reported the theft to HPD. Officer's Jeff Morrison and Johnathan Carroll  responded and according to McCrory did an outstanding job locating the phone through GPS. The phone was located and recovered for Representative McCrory.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT to hear some good HPD news. Hartford Police should bear in mind that they are after all public servants by choice. Scrutiny and being critical of public servants especially police)is nothing new. Get used to it!!!