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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I used to get extremely aggravated in the beginning days of the blog when I would develop sources, work hard verifying and investigating the facts, post the story and then see it a few days later in the "mainstream" media.

Most often, with the exception of WFSB and Jeff Cohen at WNPR, the media cut and paste reporters don't give credit to the blog. It has now become flattering to me that I have sources and can gather information when the people who are supposed "professionals" and actually get paid to do it are days behind me and usually start investigating after they read it here.

In the latest story regarding the Jamaican Fire truck, a lot of work went into that tracking people down and getting the information. When I realized the scope  I went to WFSB Len Besthoff for help. He is a master at finding information and has definitely taught me a lot.Right from the start, Len insisted that "We the People" would be mentioned in his story, since that is where the story came from. Anytime Jeff Cohen has used information from me, he has said so and linked back to the blog..

Jeff was the first to break the Perez corruption story when he was still at the Hartford Courant. His efforts lead to the creation of a grand jury investigation into Perez's Administration and Perez's eventual conviction and prison sentence on corruption charges

Jeff and Len, without question, are  two of the best Investigative reporters by far in the Hartford area, and their professionalism and ethics show it. Most of the information posted here are original pieces, not something I rip from a wire service or copy from other blogs, and in the rare occasion I do, I say it.

I no longer get aggravated by the "rip and read" reporters because I love the calls and e-mails when people tell me they know where they read it first. And I do it all for free.

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