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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Below is the City's report for all credit card users. Feel free to comment on any purchases. Much more to come on this I am sure.


City Hall Worker said...

Why does it seem the the departments are the violators and the rest of the purchases llok like normal business?

Anonymous said...

Wow where can I get one of those credit cards I got some taxes to pay

Anonymous said...

As I browse threw each and everyone credit card expense it appears that all of them when went flying high on first class, they ate at the most expensive restaurants and they when shopping for the most costly items, TVS, Apple Ipads, and IPhones, I am sure if we walk to everyone's office, I'm sure will not find none of these items. As the city provides them with sure items already. I'm sure that these purchases were bought for their partners, mistresses and heavens knows who else. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! on all of them. They should take their credit cards privileges away, since they do not know how to use them.

Anonymous said...

It make me angry to see how city administrators and people earning the highest salary are the ones turning greedy and abusing the system. The City if Hartford is not a private institution where people get extra bonuses or credit cards on top of their high salaries . City employees no matter their job titles are public officials hired to serve Hartford citizens not to profit on them.

Anonymous said...

Not only should they take their credit card privileges away, but they should make them pay the taxpayers back, and then they should fire their asses!


Anonymous 8:30PM. and go one step further and refer it to the Public Integrity Unit of the Chief States Attorney's Office.

That should send the message that being the big spender at Salute for your buddies at the bar will not be tolerated.

And the encouraging part is that even if the Chairman of the Internal Audit Commission or the auditors are too tight with City hall to request it, anyone of us can head to Rocky Hill with the documentation and request an investigation

Anonymous said...

Firing their asses is not enough, they should all be put away in prison, where there is no type of privileges, no Ipads, no Iphones and no Flat screen TV's and especially no CREDIT CARDS. They buy their essentials & snacks, only if family members sends them a money order in which is kept in a account at a different location. At least in prison they keep better track of their spending. They have no IDEA what living behind bars is. So they better clean up their act. Before they get a tastes of bad medicine.
Perhaps we can take another poll to see how many City of Hartford Taxpayers are willing to take this a step further, as it appears that, nothing is going to be done. Stop the white collars criminals we got the proof, now why isn't any one doing something about it. The TAXPAYER's are the ones at loss. Half of Pedro's staff don't even own homes in Hartford. So they can't even say that they are taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I feel an obligation to point out that in general pcards are good business. They provide efficiency by streamlining the purchasing process. The cost of having to complete and wait for purchase orders increases the cost of government.

That said, several pcard holders have been informed that the mayor is taking the cards away from all but the most senior management. The problem with this is of course that it's the senior staff who are buying whatever kind of stuff they want without provide receipts or justification on a timely basis.

The rank and file are getting the shaft because city leaders cannot follow basic rules of accountability.

I like the fact that the city can purchase what they need when they need it. This prevents them from predicting what they will need in advance and then having some items sit on shelves. The process needs to be transparent. Equipment must be asset-tagged, procurement rules need to be followed and all receipts should be turned in during the billing cycle in which the costs were incurred.

Abusive purchasers should be identified and lose their privileges, bit the rank and file who use the cards appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a grand total?

And do you have the number of employees that have these cards?

Sorry, I am too tired to count!