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Sunday, April 7, 2013


 It appears as though we will soon find out.

According to section 2-370 of the Hartford Municipal code, this ordinance labeled "Retired  employees", states "retired classified or unclassified  employees of the city shall be eligible to return  to city employment  in a temporary classified or unclassified position for a maximum of 6 months in a fiscal year".

It would seem that several current City hall employees are in violation of this ordinance, among them Hartford's Corporation Counsel and acting City Manager Saundra Kee-Borges. The matter is coming to a head after a quasi -anonymous complaint was made to City Auditor Patrick Campbell. Campbell stated at a recent internal Audit Commission meeting that he was aware who was making the complaint, but they wished to remain anonymous.

Hartford Ordinance 2-370D
The Internal Audit commission (IAC) authorized Campbell to conduct an investigation and determine if any Ordinances were being violated. According to sources, that report has apparently been completed   and the results will be apparently be  given to Mayor Pedro Segarra tomorrow.

This would seem to potentially put Segarra in a tough spot. If the ordinance is found to be violated, Segarra is bound by Hartford's Charter to act.. Chapter V, section 2.b of the Charter, clearly states   that " in addition to the powers and duties specified elsewhere  in the Charter or in the Constitution and General Statutes, the Mayor shall take care that laws and Ordinances be faithfully executed within Boundaries of the City, in so far as it is the obligation  of the City and its employees to do so."

From Hartford's City Charter , Chapter 5, section 2b
If Kee-Borges and others  are in fact in violation of the ordinance, it doesn't seem to give the Mayor much "wiggle room" other than to enforce   the ordinance.

Section 2-370C of the code also states that any 6 month appointments of retirees under the ordinance "will expire automatically at the end of 6 months and shall not to be subject to renewal"

It will be very interesting as to how this plays out, but the code seems to make it pretty clear as to the violation.

It would seem that our Corporation Counsel  would be, or should be, aware of ordinances on the books in Hartford, especially when it applies to her.

The ordinance was updated by the Hartford City Council in August of 2005


City Hall Worker said...

Good News, now maybe all the cronies can go, most of all Sandy Kee Borges. She drove the city into the ground once already. And that was enough

Anonymous said...

I am a City of Hartford employee and Taxpayer, and I am glad that someone is finally taking the time to check out everything that these bunch of crooked attorneys have been doing, starting with Pedro, who should have known better since he was the Council President; as well as Saundra cause she used to be the past City Manager.Did they think that the rules didn't apply to attorneys, they thought because they practice law that the rules didn't apply to them because no one was going to take the time to read them. They both need to be thrown in prison, like the rest of the Ct's corrupted Mayors. And when they come out they should take away their Law License and should not be allow to practice in the state of CT. They have made our City of Hartford the laughing stock of CT with all this bunch of crap. They are more corrupted then Eddie Perez. Pedro didn't care to look after the well being of our Taxpayers, he was more interested in protecting his friends and giving out luxurious packages like if he had won the Ct Lottery. Shame on him and his staff and thanks to the firing of Valda that everything came to light. She was not the only one misusing her credit card. Pedro, Saundra and the rest of the idiots should be immediately dismissed and the Feds need to do a complete investigations. We want an honest working group of people who is going to do the right thing. It would be absurd that they would let them stay and make a bigger mess. Pedro this is what happens when you put your job in the hands of your friends. You started right but somewhere along the road you took a wrong turn. The worst part is that the CITY of HARTFORD RESIDENTS put all their trust in you, and you have failed them.It's time for a change. I mad and I hope justice is done.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brookman I do think you are right to the point. We all face an economic struggle while there are some people living the good life and abusing the tax payer’s money. Pedro used to be a good guy but many around him are truly wolves trying to get as much as they can, taking advantage of the system and his friendship. I read remarks as "Elite of corrupts" a “ bunch of Pirates” “the Clown school”, and I can’t believe how the administration is turning to. Their wrong doing will reflect on Pedro’s, who now will have to face the embarrassment. Pedro has chosen to let them loose, not looking at how they abuse even him. The so call friends have destroyed his image and his reputation.

I would like to see the COO investigated as, she surely has done a lot of damage. As you said "His Chief Operating Officer has been recycled once again and seems to be using the City of Hartford as her personal employment agency for friends and relatives". I am sure that this is not the only thing hidden in her inner closet. She should be fired for betraying the people's trust and for using tax payer’s money to get richer and to accommodate her friends. It is not fair to people who are out there seeking jobs and trying to place food in their tables for their families.

Anonymous said...

It was a big mistake to get Borges hired in to a position she once retired from. She gets about 229k of pay??? …It is ridiculous!!! The City of Hartford can at least hire 4 well paid people with that money. She already got a luxurious pension to begin with and probably she does practice on the side. We daily see so many people out there trusting the city hiring system . People are placing applications for jobs that are already taken due lack of ethics. They accommodate outsiders into high pay positions; bring their own to run the city and on top they abuse the credit cards? How sad when Hartford tax payers are losing their homes and in a great struggle to provide for their families. Does Mrs. Borges have any consciousness of what she has done? Maybe not, as a typical attorney she probably concentrates in profit. Has Pedro forgotten the Social Work principles he once acquired being him a social worker prior to be an attorney? How and why people change so much, we already know that greed and arrogance only lead to jail. Is a lesson learned if we look back.
We should never get lost into the lead of corrupt people no matter we think they are “friends”. People who have no integrity can’t be call friends, they are only for themselves. They could easily destroy the concept of dignity and morals if we don’t stand up to defend and maintain solid principles. Friends should follow the same line of principles and should protect friends doing the right thing, honoring friendship and what is most important honoring the opportunity of a good job serving their community. It was well said:” Respect is earned by doing the right thing”. It will pay off at the end.
Mr. Mayor, you have no friends but a bunch of “Pirates, There is always opportunity for change and to turn things around, doing the right thing. It will take courage and determination. Listen to the people Mr. Mayor! Enough is enough!!! Otherwise you will fall eventually along with them and it is not worth it. The people who voted for you also trusted you, then honor that trust and do what is right.
We have seen enough people, like former personnel director, former COO and many others, escaping from being punished after years abusing their power and betraying people’s trust. They retired with great pensions after they had stabbed The PEOPLE’S TRUST so many times. We had seen it year after year, they bring outsiders, accommodate them, even fix their resumes, and place them in administrative positions they don’t deserve. Former administrators went over employees who faithfully worked with efficiency for many years, insulted them telling them they did not qualified for administrative positions because they had their favorites in line for the job. . It resulted in a bunch of incompetent people that don’t now what are they doing as they did not meet the qualifications in the first place. Mr.Malave can give testimony on that since he was the Mr. Former COO Puppet. The coward would stab anybody in the back to save himself. But nobody would respect him now for what he did. We are tired of so much injustice, of favoritism, of racism, we are tired of corruption and tired of those who follow those who are corrupt. ‘WE THE PEOPLE” of all colors and nationalities, all genders, sexual preference, all religions and of all ages, must unite to defend integrity and to build a new protocol, one based in commitment to do what is right and what is ethical. We hope our voices would be finally heard, truth and ethics should prevail so we can built a solid administration that would serve Hartford citizens with respect. We are happy to have a space where we can voice out what we witness without fear... What we need now is justice to be served!

Anonymous said...

No, Mr. Brookman, law doesn’t matter…Administrator’s bias lead to new laws. Former Personnel director brought his personal friend as a re-hired person when she was out of the City for years . She came earning over the salary she had before, and came to retired at a higher level when he promoted her to an administrative position. She went with medical benefits and a great pension… Some administrators accommodate their friends the way they want and it all depends on who you know. The same thing is happening now with Pedro and Borges.
Lots of people of all colors have been accommodated back in the city to retired with greater benefits and pensions for so many years …But no one care to stop these unfair practices… I do not understand why people are surprised now!!!
There are times when things get ugly and it is only when some decide to look and get political. I guess after Vargas was fired, things were now noticed.
There should be justice for all !

Anonymous said...

Is there a real city law that would punish those who abuse their power? Maybe we should start by doing a review on how well written is the law!!! Investigation should also be assigned to an independent committee with fair representation of the community, as it is into the best interest of all to have scrutiny. That might help to fix this old problem...

Anonymous said...

This and other laws have been regularly defied by the administration. For example the Director, Business Systems is a retired city employee working for another city department (education) and making six figures while his boss has been in an acting position 2-3 years. The reality is that either of two situations exist: The city breaks their own rules and don't care of they are unaware that the rules are being broken. Either case indicates poor leadership.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Pedro and his crew will be getting away with committing fraud.Once again the rules don't seem to apply to Pedro and his friends. As the Mayor he is allow to hire whom ever his hearts desires. Remember Attorney's are well educated pirates. His whole crew are mostly all retirees.

Anonymous said...

The Htfd Courant reported yesterday that "YES" they are all working illegal, BUT I guess it doesn't apply to them. Starting with the Police Chief, all the way down to the COO, so who's going to investigate, they are all working illegally, when are they going to raid City Hall, they are fast to go after the poor immigrants that come to the United States to earn a living, but yet these bunch of crooks get away with everything. So sad, the judicial systems is totally unfair.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised when so many had "gotten away with murder". This is and old problem and as time passes it gets worse.