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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


For regular readers of the blog, you most likely remember me writing about my nephew Andrew. Andrew suffers from, let me correct that, Andrew lives with Cerebral Palsy. He has become a great skier and is in training to eventually compete in the Paralympics. He has had numerous articles and news programs done about him detailing his efforts. Recently the Springfield Public television spent some time with Andrew and his mother, my sister Sheryl. The story is embedded below and go to the last segment, about a third of the way through. Much more can be found about Andrew's efforts at

Andrew's younger brother Ryan has also grown up facing his brothers issues and has also followed him into skiing and volunteers regularly mentoring handicapped and disabled skiers  at Mount Snow in Vermont.

For some reason I can't resize the preview screen, but if you click at the top of the embed on the link where it says Watch Connecting Point 4/9/2013 it will take you to their ful size viewer and you can fast forward to Andrew's segment

Watch Connecting Point 04/09/2013 on PBS. See more from Connecting Point.

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Anonymous said...

pretty amazing skier! FYI, Andrew's segment begins at about 19:56 mark on the video. I couldn't get there on the smaller sized clip either but was able to skip to the right spot on the larger link.