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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This afternoon  I was working on installing security cameras at the new HPD substation at Trinity College at the corner of New Britain Avenue and Broad Street. And before you start the negative comments, I donated the majority of the system to HPD.

While I had gone out to my truck at one point, a small dog passed by me on the side walk, unfortunately a few minutes I heard a dog squealing and yelping and seeing that the same dog had just been hit by a truck. The operator of the grey pickup truck with a ladder rack  , obviously knew he hit the dog, since he initially stopped before speeding off west on New Britain Avenue.

Another driver got out of his car and despite the dogs growling, he picked the dog up and brought him to the curb. The dog was walking, although with a limp, but I didn't want him heading back into the street. I picked him up, grabbed a blanket out of my truck, and took him inside the substation to keep him from running off.

I called the police department Dispatch Center. Technically not a part of HPD  but sadly a separate agency that doesn't answer to the Police Chief. I explained that the dog was hit, the driver took off and I needed an animal control officer. The operator, took the address and my cell phone number and said I should get a call back from an Animal Control Officer. I guess we no longer call them dog wardens.

With the dog curled up on the blanket, I waited over an hour for a call or someone to show up to deal with this injured animal. After an hour I called the dispatch Center and spoke to a rude operator who stated "we are busy dealing with life and death situations right now". I asked him when was the last time an ACO had handled a life or death situation?" I asked him if I should just watch this dog die here wrapped in a blanket. He continued his rudeness , at which point I asked him to speak to a supervisor.

It should be no surprise to anyone that he put me on hold and no supervisor ever picked up the phone.

And this is where, I will readily admit, I have a luxury that most people being treated rudely by the Dispatch Center don't  have. I have the personal cell phone numbers of just about everyone at HPD from Chief Rovella, the Deputy Chief's, and most Lieutenant's. The shift Lieutenant, Charles Cochran intervened and even though the dispatcher said everyone was tied up, within a few minutes a patrol car showed up.

By this point the dog was starting to shake  and would wimper occasionally, I guess for a small pup getting hit by a truck he wasn't doing all that bad but he had been in discomfort for well over two hours now.

I found out later that apparently the ACO had signed off at the dog pound in Bloomfield but was unreachable for over two and a half hours. This would appear to also be a problem with supervision in the Dispatch Center. If someone was unreachable by radio for well over two and a half hours despite repeated attempts to raise him, shouldn't that have raised a red flag that someone should be sent to check on him? What if he was mauled by a dog at the pound and was injured?

It is just emtremely frustrating  that this Administration seems as though it can't get anything right, even dispatching assistance for an injured dog. Where is the accountability? We know the Department head was probably at home in Suffield by this point.

Depending on how the dog's trip to the vet went , and if he survives, my short interaction would make me think this this pup would be a great rescue pet for anyone, Even after getting hit by a truck and most likely he was in pain. He was never aggressive and layed curled up in my lap with his head resting on my arm like he had been around me forever. Please consider an adoption if possible


Anonymous said...

if you were that worried about the dog kev you could of just drove the mile down the road to the west hartford emergengy vet. oh wait instead you called and cried to everyone that would listen. god your annoying just go away.


I couldn't find anyone with a City Credit card to pay the vet bills, They were all at Salute for happy hour


Sorry Andy,

didn't mean to point out your deficiences once again. Good to see that I-pad works in Suffield though

Anonymous said...

they shouldve never stopped the background checks or takent the sgts out of there. that place is a disaster and tere is no work ethic. most if not all of those people can work anywhere else. jaffe is a hands off dept head and just biding his time til he can collect his pension and benies and ride off into the suffield sunset

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:55, are you for real? Is someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to read this blog then comment on how annoying you find it?

If this blog annoys you stop reading it, moron. You just go away.


Anonymous 10:34,

Thanks, my sentiments exactly. he's probably the guy that hit the dog

long time law enforcement employee said...

the onlyn thing Jaffe is interested in is where certain detectives, officers and sergeants are parking their cars in the back so blong can write memo's on his behalf

Anonymous said...

I know it is easy to blame dispatch but you have to understand if they tried to dispatch a cruiser to the call a supervisor most likely would have said to hold the call for the ACO. Don't let the Police fool you. The only reason a crusier was sent was because Lt.Cochran was called on his cell phone. ACO's have to go to Bloomfield to release dogs also to do the adopation paperwork. Dispatch has no control over ACO's the Police do.

Dudley Doright said...

You did it to yourself kevin, you could have taken the dog to the vet yourself. This is problem with society, they take no initiative. You remind of the suburbanite who is driving home at 430-500pm, and that they see road construction blocking there route home. Instead of following the detour, they cry to the police officer that they need to go straight. No matter how many times you give them directions around they still battle to go through. Get a clue Brookman learn that you can take the initiative and make a detour instead of crying to the police that you didnt get what you want....