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Friday, June 21, 2013


The final audit report was released this morning  by Hartford's Internal Audit Department and it shows no purchasing card problems in the use of City credit cards.

Next up is the Hartford Board of Education.

The library is below.


Goat Head said...

They obviously didn't go to Jared.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter now that there are no problems with the "P" cards as of today, what about the misuse of the "P" cards in the past? This was tax payers monies done by very greedy City employees, so what...nothing happens to them, nothing gets paid back..I'm saying one thing, if that where other then upper management....they would have gotten fired, so why the favoritisim...they are wrong for doing what they did, and they all should be fired !

City Hall Worker said...

I don't really think that there were many problems with the P-cards in any of the other departments. The majority of the department heads follow the rules to a certain extend. I truly believe that the abuse was in the Mayor's office, with his personal staff that was appointed by him and where the problem was first discover. Instead of reprimanding the main culprits, they order a full investigation of all the departments, which was totally unfair. All these was a cover up to steer away from the Mayors staff.

In reality, the guilty ones, are his greedy selfish staff, and they are not going to get penalized, so why even bother investigating everyone else. It just doesn't seem right, it all goes to show that they are a bunch of self center crooks. I think that the Major's staff should be thoroughly investigated a little more and I am sure that they will find probable cause and they should be ask to paid back, they earned enough. They need to follow the rules instead of milking the taxpayers. This is not a four year paid vacation.

Anonymous said...

OK, let me back up a little, I had forgotten...the misuse of the "P" cards were indeed done by the Mayor's staff, and his buddies, not by the rest of the City Employees, sorry for my earlier statement about "City" employees, I know that the majority of the employees go by the rules, but for some reason, the Mayor and his friends, I guess the rules don't apply, and they should, but they don't, and why is that ? maybe more articles need to go out into the newspapers so the taxpayers can be updated on what this group of people are doing, the taxpayers need to read this stuff so they can be reminded of what certain people are spending in Hartford, and so when the mill rates go up, they will know why !

Anonymous said...

I dont want to call "city hall worker " naive,but assumming that it was just the mayor and his cronies abusing "P' cards is a hard pill to swallow. Born ,raised and working for the city ...My observation condfidently leads me to believe that more than half of city employees abuse their hired position by either, under performance,incompetence,lack of responsibility,etc. etc. 'oh yea' I forgot the big one STEALING ( i.e. P cards or otherwise) So whether they start from the bottom up or from the top down ,let them investigate . If they do ,dont be surprised at all the sudden retirements! It's o.k. dont worry i'm sure our trustworthy human resource dept. will find "qualified" replacements, most likely city residents who have the best of intentions on being a reliable employee.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Emperor Pedrito La Primera,

unleashed the Praetorian palace guard, General Fig to save his assets and reach out and touch the senators with a bit of rat poison dresses as doves. The drama goes on... Lets watch!