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Monday, June 17, 2013


Despite repeated requests to the Office of Mayor Pedro Segarra and his spokesperson Maribel LaLuz, no response has been received to my questions of when Segarra's Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec will be departing from City Hall.

Normally a resignation is accompanied by a departure date, but as we know with this Administration, nothing is normal.

One source familiar with City Hall operations told me today that if Kupiec remains until at least July 1, 2013, he will become eligible for another 6 weeks paid vacation from the City. That pay can buy an awful lot of Caviar.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, he's probably going to stay on until at least the Mayor get back from the Gov's convention and his trip to Italy next month. So, don't look for that kid to be gone anytime soon. Just another episode of the dumb and clueless at city hall.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the chief of staff will get a 6 weeks vacation.

keep it real said...

If this is true then Pedro should be asked to leave office. Kupic has taken enough city money already.

Anonymous said...

what about the Supt why havent you written about why and how they are able to drive her out of town but not these other cronies

Beluga Caviar said...

are the taxpayers paying for those 2 trips ?

Anonymous said...

On a different note, the 8th person at the New Year's Holiday Feast was Pedro's good friend's daughter - Maribel LaLuz.

Anonymous said...

6 Weeks???
How long has he been an employee of the City?
In private industry you normally start out with 2 weeks of vacation and perhaps (depending on the company) you may get up to 4 weeks after many years of service.
This is another example why Connectict Taxpayers hate to see State & Federal dollars go down the exorbitant drain call Hartford.

Agostino said...

I still am still quite pissed off that all the wispers and gossip concerning my situation still continues. I paid my dues and do not plan on leaving or giving in to immiture battles with drama in this dept. if anyone wants to discuss this matter , my door is always open. This will be my last comment on this blog.

Downtown Judy Brown said...

JK, is not going no where yet. It is just a publicity stunt to steer away from all his problems. Do you really think that he will ever find another job like this one.(I don't think so) Big paycheck for doing nothing but kiss butts, crash cars and gets awarded with a new one, hangs out with the leader of the pack, to eat Caviar at taxpayers expense, learn all the trick of the trade from the wicked witch SKB...and now he also have everything smooth out by the airhead spoke person MLL. So why should he leave. Pedro already has hired a new Chief of Staff, JF and a New Chief Operating Officer ILG, but since Pedro loves to spend our taxpayers budget. He doesn't care if JK and SKB hangs around and drain the budget, but yet they are crying about the Registrar's Office. There is no end to the City Hall abuse. Where is the Council..out of curiosity, what business does Pedro have at the Gov'mt's convention, it's just another reason to take a trip on the Taxpayers.

In regards to the Nw Yrs feast that was swept under the rug once they paid back the money, now business as usual. I see that they all of a sudden they remember the seventh person, how convenience, it took six month for their brain to recover from the caviar over dose. Now that says a lot as to why every thing was so hush hush. She's also part of the problem.
This is one hell of a team, they have it all cover up. It's time to get rid of all of them.