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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


That seems to be the mantra at City hall these days where it appears that anything goes. Whether it is filling up on caviar at the taxpayers expense on New Years eve or extending a resignation date to gain thousands more in vacation benefits, it would appear that the Segarra Administration has no concept of shame.

As posted here yesterday, Segarra's Chief of Staff is trying to stretch his City Hall leeching to at least July 1st, at which time he will be rewarded by the taxpayers of Hartford with another 6 weeks vacation.

Now it seems that Segarra's last supporter left on the City Council may be following the Mayor's lead when it comes to ethics. Councilman Alexander Aponte is the subject of discussion at the Internal Audit Commission meeting, according to the Commissions agenda posted in advance of their Wednesday meeting.

The agenda lists item 5b as:
a.       Vote on how to proceed with the special review relating to Councilman Aponte’s involvement with and voting history on matters regarding the Spanish American Merchant’s Association (SAMA).  This includes the consideration of referring an issue relating to Councilman Aponte’s City Council vote on the sale of a City owned property to SAMA to the Ethics Commission.
Apparently Aponte failed to disclose or recuse himself from a vote on the shady land deal when the City of Hartford sold a property to SAMA for $1.00 and then SAMA turned it around and sold it to Hartford Hospital for half a million bucks.
Apomte is apparently a dues paying member of SAMA, which in most circles amounts to a conflict of interest that should have been disclosed prior to the vote.

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Anonymous said...

This is a total shame, that this city Management continues to rob the citizens of Hartford who they are suppose to serve and protect to illegally assume monetary gains for themselves.