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Friday, June 13, 2014


Hartford's voters don't always think out their decisions well, but for this City to change, we need to start rethinking our decisions.

Try to learn about the  people you are voting for and what have they accomplished? What is their track record? Are they willing to take a stand on the tough decisions ?

Kevin Rennie at the Courant has an interesting take on the August primary and it does raise some interesting issues.

Will the August primary be a personality race or will it be about who actually represents the people and their best interests.

Take a moment to read Rennie's article here


peter brush said...

an August referendum on city leaders' secretly hatched plan to spend $60 million on a minor league baseball stadium
I'd be grateful for a binding or non-binding referendum on the stadium question. The august Dem primary is a poor substitute. As far as I know the deal will neither proceed nor fail depending on who wins the Senate seat. I don't mean to suggest that Coleman's or Wooden's position on the Rock Cats should not be considered by those privileged to participate in Democratic Party operations.
I've never lived in Eric Coleman's district, but I have had occasion to ask for help on behalf of non-profits I've been associated with, and found him not only unhelpful, but completely unresponsive.

Anonymous said...

Vote Coleman, leave Shawn with Pedro, they deserve each other. Shawn can't stand up to weak Pedro and his cabinet of loosers, how do you think he can run with the Big Boys. Shawn as Council Leader should have Pedro on the hook, yet they both seek photo shoots!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, Shawn Wooden should have shown more spine against Pedro and did not.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Wooden shows no outwardly sign in his personality of being a fighter for the public.His personality is one of a calm deal maker when right now Hartford needs a fighter both outwardly and inwardly.I do not think that this corporate lawyer has what it takes or has any core values to help Hartford remake itself,because he likes to negotiate everything and will not stand on principle and/or take Pedro on publically.

Anonymous said...

The T Deller-Pedrito F^up is dead, it's time to leave!!, Shawn get with the program, if this is your best you may be history 2.

Dude T Deller, where is your new deputy director?

Anonymous said...

Peter Brush, you call these people "leaders?" who are you referring to, Pedro Caviar or Shawn? They are no leaders

Anonymous said...

from now on mayor pedro caviar segarra and shawn no-spine wooden. anonymous is correct , they deserve each other