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Friday, June 13, 2014


You never know what you will find included in an FOI request. As part of a request for documents related to the Rock Cats deal, the e-mail below was included.

The e-mail was written by the Mayor's former Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec on February 5 2013, before his Grand Theft Auto days.

The e-mail discusses their wishes to get a 500,000 square foot Distribution Center to locate to Hartford. As with the Gang who Can't Shoot Straight, it was actually a 1.5 to 2 million square foot Center, The proposed mezzanine alone was 500,000 square feet. I am not sure where in Hartford they would find the land to accommodate that.

The interesting part though is that in order to make it look like he was actually accomplishing something, according to the e-mail, Segarra told Kupiec that he was willing to bankrupt Hartford to get the warehouse. Kupiec claims "I briefed the Mayor and he said, "If I have to go into the red to pursue an economic development opportunity that creates jobs, I'll do just that."  I asked him to confirm that we could "throw the kitchen sink" at Amazon to "make it appetizing" and he replied with, "whatever it takes, get it done."

Isn't it interesting how he chooses to spend our money with reckless abandon, from Caviar to baseball Stadiums to Distribution Centers. Money is no object.

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Anonymous said...

Segarra is morally bankrupt himself, hiring male prostitutes and patronizing escort services
(documented not just gossip) why wouldn't we expect him to also bankrupt Hartford?