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Friday, June 13, 2014


Several months ago I posted about a Hartford Firefighter that appeared to have some severe substance abuse issued. Several Hartford firefighters had called me to complain that this firefighter was constantly under the influence of what they believed to be alcohol or drugs while on duty. Since he was an acting lieutenant at the time at Engine 14 on Blue hills Avenue, they feared that he was a direct hazard to their well being and safety.

You can read more about Caldwell in my postings here and here.

Today the Courant did a story on Hartford Firefighter Douglas Caldwell, you can read that story here

 I raised the issue with Hartford Fire Command Staff members, but with limited results. Apparently, according to the Firefighters that called me,  the Hartford Firefighters Union was also going out of their way to protect Caldwell and his dangerous behavior. Caldwell was eventually transferred to Engine 2 on Main Street.

The addiction problems continued there also. On March 31, 2014, Caldwell apparently went into a local Bodega  and created a disturbance while in uniform. The shop owner called the Hartford Police and filed a complaint against Caldwell.

Unfit for duty , yet we are paying him for an extended vacation, Only in Hartford

Here is that report:

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Anonymous said...

Good job vinny. Good job. Protect this clown while he puts lives at risk. Assign him to the union office for a while and u can babysit. Good job. Im sooo proud of ur incompetance