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Monday, June 2, 2014


This past weekend had the potential to be a very trying one for Public Safety in Hartford.

Luckily, due to the efforts and planning of Chief Rovella and his men and women of the Hartford Police Department, both the Rascal Flatts Concert and the Puerto Rican Day Parade went off with out any major problems. There were some traffic issues in Frog Hollow, but overall the drinking and tailgating was address early on and the word got out that HPD was taking it seriously this summer and the large crowds downtown for the parade were orderly.

Once again, a job well done


Anonymous said...

Job well done is fine, however we were stretched too thin in Frog Hollow this weekend. I support celebrating one's culture, but the after "activities" post parade are downright dangerous. Officers were forced to ride solo in their cruisers to provide a smoke a mirrors display as to how many officers were actually working the as part of the response teams. Really? Thanks to the common council doing everything they can to block the HPD budget, I was forced to respond to situations, alone, because Wooden knows best? Get the hell out of here. Love my agency, love my chief and colleagues, Hartford needs to wake up!!!! This city needs it's police.

peter brush said...

after "activities" post parade are downright dangerous
9:oo p.m., give or take, somebody threw a large garbage bag of glass bottles out on Capitol Ave. Sounded like a car crash; one lane entirely covered in glass. The lady on the police phone wasn't exactly enthusiastic in receiving my call, but a street sweeper was on the case within a half hour. Thanks very much for the work of the police.

I fail utterly to understand why the City has to put up year after year with this "celebration," and especially its "post-parade activities." City resources should not be wasted in monitoring a juvenile bacchanalia in our streets. (Ditto, to a lesser degree, St. Patrick's Day.)