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Monday, June 2, 2014


It seems like a few short months ago Mayor Pedro Segarra was opposed to the UConn location downtown .Actually it was.  If I recall correctly so was Council Presidents Shawn Wooden.

I was not surprised though today when I received the press release that tomorrow Segarra will be hosting the ceremony finalizing the development deal for UConn Downtown.

I guess when no one is listening to your opposition you realize you need to cave in and settle.

(June 2, 2014) On Tuesday, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra will host a ceremony on the Alfred E. Burr Memorial Mall, formalizing the creation of UConn’s new Downtown Hartford campus. At the event, state officials including Governor Dannel Malloy, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, UConn Board of Trustees Chairman Larry McHugh and UConn President Susan Herbst will sign documents officially formalizing the new campus, which will be housed across Prospect Street from the Burr Mall, in the historic Hartford Times building. The event will immediately follow a Board of Trustees meeting at City Hall in Room 100. The meeting is open to the public.

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Anonymous said...


You of all people should know that no one listens to Pedro or has any respect left for his leadership. ( boy, that is an oxymoron, Pedro and leadership)

But he will not miss a ribbon cutting so he knew he had to buy in to the program or risk missing a photo-op.