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Friday, June 6, 2014


At least two individuals should have found a better use for their time Sunday afternoon.

From HPD:

On the listed date and time Patrol Units were dispatched to the New View Chinese Restaurant for an armed
robbery of the business. STF Units responded with Patrol Units. Dispatch gave a description of two
suspects and advised the victim / complainant followed suspects east on New Britain Avenue to White
Street. STF Units observed two suspects matching the description walking on Kelsey Street. As Officers
exited their unmarked vehicles, the two suspects immediately fled through rear yards. As suspect #1 scaled
a fence, the listed firearm fell out of his waistband. Suspect #1 scaled several more fences as he ran through
yards and circled back towards Kelsey Street and was eventually apprehended by Sgt. Mooney and
Detectives Blumes and Rostkowski.

What the robbers didn't consider was the heavy Police presence assigned to the City, Particularly the Park Street and Frog Hollow area. Once the report of the armed robbery came in, the area was swarmed by Patrol Officers, Condition Units, CSO;'s and Shooting Task Force Officers. Not good odds for an easy escape after  committing an armed robbery.

Both suspects were promptly tracked down and apprehended.

More from HPD:

Suspect #2 circled a house on Kelsey Street and was apprehended in the driveway of 11 Kelsey Street by
Detective Corvino and Captain Alderucci (DOC).
Recovered was $211.00 in U.S. currency and an iphone 5 taken during the robbery. Also recovered was
clothing, gloves and a mask used during the robbery.
The victim positively identified both suspects as the persons who committed the robbery. The victim stated
suspect #1 pressed the firearm against his head during the robbery. Video surveillance did capture the
Both suspects were transported to MCD for de-brief. One suspect did confess to the robbery.
Suspect / Arrest #1: Jorge Guzman, M/H/32 (02/04/1982), of 78 Abbotsford Avenue, West Hartford, CT.
Charges: Robbery 1st Degree, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery 1st Degree, Larceny 2nd Degree, Carrying a
Pistol w/o a Permit, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Theft of Firearm, Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree and
Interfering w/ Police.
Suspect / Arrest #2: Emmanuel Velez, M/H/19 (02/21/1995), of 17 Buckingham Street, Newington, CT.
Charges: Robbery 1st Degree, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery 1st Degree, Larceny 2nd Degree and
Interfering w/ Police.
Firearm Seized: Smith & Wesson .380 Caliber Handgun, color black, s/n RAE2296 w/ magazine containing
(4) .380 caliber rounds of ammunition with (1) chambered round.
The firearm was listed in NCIC as stolen out of West Springfield, Massachusetts.

These type of incidents happen almost everyday in the City, yet our City Council doesn't seem to realize the need for police presence on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Maybe they might want to ask the shop owner who had the gun barrel to his head for a campaign donation next election and see what the response is

But keep the faith, a police Academy Class is being mentioned for January of 2015, although we heard the same thing for January, March, June and July of this year, and still no class. But fortunately , if it does happen in January, in two years we will finally have some new recruits on the streets of Hartford.


If you are new to reading these reports,

MCD= Major Crimes Division
M/H = Male Hispanic
STF= Shooting Task Force
NCIC-National Crime Information Center, a nationwide database for Law Enforcement Information
CSO- Community Service Officer
CITY COUNCIL- A group of elected officials who are oblivious to what goes on in the streets of Hartford

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