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Friday, June 6, 2014


Have you ever wondered why the nonsense that Hartford is known for doesn't occur in other towns? Do you wonder why budgets, property acquisitions and projects that effect taxpayers  in suburban towns are properly vetted by their taxpayers?

The answer is  somewhat simple.

Most suburban towns with responsible management are held accountable by the  voice  and accountability brought about by organized tax payer groups. Hartford has no citywide Taxpayers organization that is willing to fight for Hartford residents and raise the important issues.

That is about to change.

Several people I know and respect have stepped forward and we have started to meet to put an organization together. Like I said, these are people I respect, not political prostitutes, we already have enough of that. These are people that truly love Hartford and aren't stepping forward to get the latest contract or see the taxpayers as people feeding them at the trough of City Hall. They don't have their hands out, we just want to be the great City we know it can be with proper leadership being held accountable to the people that put them there, us... the voters

The NRZ's are too connected to City Hall through funding and staffing , and standing up for taxpayers and keeping City Hall accountable was never their mission. The political monopoly of Democrats in Hartford doesn't contribute positively to the situation either. Something needs to change.

If you read this and are interesting in getting involved as we build this from the ground up, please let me know by e-mail or phone. Our initial discussions are leaning toward dividing into three Districts;North, South and Central to keep the areas organized and manageable. we are looking for both residents and business owners, especially small business owners, to become involved

There is much work to be done to bring accountability and sensible government back to Hartford. If you have the time or the desire, or hopefully both, let me know to be included in the planning meetings.



Anonymous said...


the City of Hartford under Segarra is so Broke they are scanning every account for pennies and dimes to balance the 2013-14 budget.

But Pedrito is looking for $60M plus to build the T Deller hole in the ground, U told me So stadium- Q Pendejo, son los dos.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but the other towns outside Hartford are many times just as bad as Hartford. As a matter of fact small town politics are worse and the level of patronage horrendous. But no media to cover it so it thrives.

Anonymous said...

How about hiring the best people for the job instead of hiring based on residency? It wasn't all that long ago that Hartford was a well run place and many of the professional leaders in the rank and file went on to successful careers outside of Hartford. That changed once the strong form of mayor government came in and the politics started rampant. You'll never hear that from the Courant, who pushed that agenda, but in the 10 or so years since its advent look what we've gotten - the felon (perez) and the incompetent (segarra).

Anonymous said...

The current powers will never willingly give up any political control, this is the way they steal their money. As long as state and federal "leaders" continue turn a blind eye to the corruption and incompetance in the city, real constructive change can not occur. What outsiders fail to realize is that recent administrations have a racist agenda to solely promote black and Hispanic issues and people. This occurs daily with no regard to who is really paying the bills in Hartford which is the entire state and country. In the city department that I work for some of the weakest employees are put forth as false heroes. If you have any questions just look at the HFD Facebook page.

C squad illegal entry and wrong address used in report more c squad range !!!!!! said...

Hey brockman,
I better not hear even a mouse fart about the budget at hpd after this rock cats 60 million dollar stadium. Leave the cops alone. The city is kinda dumpy in parts and the hot weather causes crime to spike ..

Add another 5 million for the payoffs and city hall pensions


You have never once heard me complain about the HPD budget, quite the opposite. I would cut the Mayor's Office and the Council budget in half and direct that to Chief Rovella if I had my way.

You should address your concerns to the Mayor's Office and Council President Wooden

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous, June 8, 2014 at 8:45 AM-

You are very correct in your statement, the female seen in the photos is a Ladder Driver assigned to Ladder Company 6 on Main Street. This is the same person who uses Rjo Winch as her savior and protector, an openly brags about it.
She is either on light duty, or detailed to Special Services. She does not like going to work.
This person also hid at the Machine Shop for a year and took all of her vacation without notifying anyone. When her House Captain found it and reported that she had no vacation time, she called the Captain's home and told him that she is "untouchable". Keep on hiring City Residents, without them there would be nothing to discuss on this fine blog!

Anonymous said...

I hope the current 1716 President is not one of those members! He's already sold his union brothers out with the help of his girlfriend city lawyer C . Freeman. Can you say conflict of interest!!! !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is happy to take the pay and promotion of the ladder driver position. She tried it for a couple of months and found out that driving one of those things is serious business. Now she does not want to drive, but will take the extra pay. She should be demoted and the last person on the list should be offered the job.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea ...and keep these slimy, no talent politicians away from the PD and FD. Given Jennings recent statements, the council must at least in part, have very little idea as to the number and severity of the incidents that police and fire respond to every day. Does a race hustling "civil rights" attorney really have a higher skill set than public safety expert?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with mayor Pedro Caviar Segarra spendings. It's rediculous.