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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I know the title of this posting is harsh, but I think it needs to be. Like the saying goes, "it is what it is". Earlier today when I posted about the Segarra makeover I mentioned that I am tired of the people at City hall that see public service as a means to a large salary and a great pension without much regard for the people they serve.

Here is a perfect example of what I mean. I think the floodgates have started opening of people more than willing to expose what is going on in this City. Mayor Segarra can not continue to run around the city playing the role of humanitarian and saying he cares about the people of Hartford if he allows this behavior to continue.

Last week a sale was held by Taxserve, a vendor contracted by the City to sell liens on delinquent tax properties. Seven properties were sold. Two of those properties were purchased by Terry Waller, the husband/fiancée/partner, significant other, whatever the title is this week  of Hartford's acting Chief Operating Officer Saundra Kee-Borges.

In case you don't recall, Waller is the same Terry Waller that had an unbudgeted position specially created for him by his wife /fiancée/partner, significant other,  or whatever the title is this week  , Hartford's Acting Chief Operating Officer Saundra Kee-Borges. More on that here

The attached document shows the properties and Waller's bid.

This raises quite a few red flags for me. Was Waller given any special information or treatment related to his bidding on the properties. Might he have been given any inside information as to potential development projects or land deals on the table that the City may be working on.

And the biggest question is why? Between the two of them and their salaries and pensions they are coming in at close to a half a million dollars a year. Do they really need to make more off the backs of Hartford shareholders that are struggling to pay their taxes. Are the potential profits to Waller or Kee-Borges worth knowing that they may be forcing property owners out of their homes or businesses?

This is just another betrayal to Segarra by his close allies and it is not helping him at all if he really does want to rebuild his administration.

A request for comment was made to the Office of the Mayor, no response yet, but I will post it when  it is available

Perception is reality and the reality is that this deal stinks.

The document is below, ignore the highlighted line


Anonymous said...

You don't get it! How many times does someone have to post a comment on this webpage before it sinks in? Terry Waller only cares about Terry Waller, period! He will do everything and anything possible to make himself look good and to benefit himself including "Hooking-Up" with Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered....

Frances said...


Sooooo glad you are here keeping us all informed. Keep up the good and important work.

Frances said...

Is still doesn't make him taller!



just the beginning, thanks to a great tip this afternoon, the next shoe may be about to drop, just fine tuning a couple of details. Keep reading.

Anonymous said...

I've worked with Terry Waller once before....warning ....Once a Snake, always a Snake. This is a ego trip for him, just like Sandra is, but she doesn't get it either, she must have been at a low point in her life to hook up with him. Terry was and is known around the fire dept. as Napolalione.

Ernie said...

Please tell us how this tax sale process works. In addition to the winning bid, does the new owner have to pay the back taxes as well? If not, i see some of the properties were "sold" for less than the amount of taxes owed. This does not make sense to me, except that hopefully the new owner will pay taxes going forward.



I will get that and post it, over simplifying but the bidder has a few days to pay the full amount, then the property owner has I think 12 months to pay the taxes and the interest to redeem the property in order to keep it

Unknown said...

Heck Yeah they need to make MORE off the backs of the taxpayers! Dey don wanna be POOR like those taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Check out who the delinquent property owner was on Russ Street (ATFH REAL PROPERTY, LLC ) American Tax Funding the city’s outside tax collector. They took the property, failed to pay the taxes and then made money selling the lien!

Menotell said...

It's a shame, City Hall is like one of those daytime TV soaps that never ends. The bad characters never seem to get caught. What a freaking joke.

When is Pedro going to get his act together and start acting like the Mayor. Posing for the cameras and ribbon cutting, it's not what the city needs. The City needs a real man to run the show. Stop letting your COO wear the pants.

It's time to get rid of your COO before all her skeletons starts crawling out of the closet.


to Anonymous who posted today at 12:44PM,

Your comment is not being withheld but rather is a critical piece of information that may play into an investigation. Rather than lay that out here, I am withholding it for the time being so as not to compromise anything. It is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that, yes they are both nothing but two greedy pigs, the more they have the more they want. The honest truth is that she has no class, what attorney dates their client, Saundra knows she is behind all of it and then she plays the innocent victim. She has been representing him.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd; somebody needs to stop this abuse of power. These pigs are getting ready to promote "Pig Waller'. How could they be so obviously corrupt and no action has been taking against the abuse of SKB, her fiancée and with the backup of a corrupt council. This is not fair for the City of Hartford citizens and taxpayers who believe in a fair recruiting system.