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Saturday, January 17, 2015


As the debate continues to record every action a Police Officer makes with body cams and dash cams, what measures are being taken to protect the Officer's rights, as well as those of the community.

The video below is a perfect example. Does the officer have a reasonable expectation of privacy while in his cruiser as long as his actions are legal, or should every police officer now plan on showing up on you-tube at some point during his or her career embarrassing themselves on a dash cam video.

And where is the right to privacy line drawn? Is a police officer on his  meal break in his cruiser fair game for public humiliation if he is having a discussion with his wife or partner about their sex life caught on video?

Should these videos be released if they don't involve elements of a crime or a civilian complaint, no matter how funny they are, without the officer's permission?

Imagine what can be recorded on body cameras. Bathroom breaks, phone calls, personal conversations

And I do have a sense of humor , the video is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

While in uniform or on the clock, officers have no right to privacy. Cameras are everywhere and no one has the right to privacy in public, anymore. Cops are no different.

Kevin, you demand accountability for administrators, the same standards are applied to officers. If they are doing their job and following procedures, they should welcome cameras.

Anonymous said...

This video was planned by the Dover Police Dept. As part of a public relations piece. I think Pedro and his Police detail should do one. Can you imagine painted face Caviar shaking his little as to a Taylor Swift song, with his police detail providing back-up?

Go for it Caviar, you have embarrassed yourself so much, can't do anything else to shock us. I think a boa would add a nice touch. Shake it off nene, shake it off; my as well because you can't shake us off your criminal dance.

Jail house rock would be a good tune for this lune!!!!

Anonymous said...

Officers have the same right to privacy as the rest of us, no more, no less. In case you didn't know, the officer consented to this. So before you cop lovers get your panties in a bunch, find out the facts first, something we know cops don't always do and if they are dumb enough to leave the camera on when on break, or having sexual discussions, then it's fair game. Remember who would release these video's, the cops themselves, just like this happy cop, shaking it off.

Anonymous said...

1st the video was recorded for fun by the officer with his permission & does promote the fact that officers are regular people & not all bad - I enjoyed the clip
2nd bank employees & cashiers at many retail locations are on camera both on the floor & in other areas of the places of business to protect both the employee & owners of the business & it would be the same for the officers
3rd the body cams & dash cams help both the public & the officers in getting the truth of events - it will protect the innocent officers & help get the bad ones off the force
4th wonder if google glass would be a good option for officers to get their eye view perspective? I'm thinking a worn camera that is lower than their eye level might show something the officer doesn't see or if a tall officer might also miss something? I'm also wondering if the the google glasses had the ability to stream live either fulltime or at least when events are happening & the officers might be engaged so other officers can see prior to getting there as backup how they can help?
5th bathroom breaks & lunch breaks maybe should be rethought & have the officers go back to the office turn in the cameras & for that hour on lunch they can do their personal business of phone calls etc & then when officially off their lunch break they get a new camera issued turned on - of course this type of option would do away with the "Regional Policing" bad model that is being pushed but does help out with the problem of personal privacy issues & brings back the idea of having smaller substations placed in various parts of the city & community policing so the officers & people get to know each other on a regular basis?