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Friday, January 16, 2015


The following comment was submitted today I have been asked this question  so frequently over the past year, I figured it was time to post it as a response

Kevin, you give your heart and soul into the City, why have you not mentioned about running for Mayor, I think you would do a great job for the City, you certainly wouldn't put up with any of it's B.S, so why not?
Let me start off with a somewhat arrogant answer, I know I could do a much better job than our so called current "leaders" I think I can honestly say that I have brought  about more policy change than anyone currently on the Council or in the Mayor's Office. P Cards, City Vehicle use, I have exposed improper actions of several Department heads resulting in their resignations or terminations.

I have a backbone and I know what I stand for and I am not afraid to stand by my beliefs. Any City employee that felt it was appropriate to steal from the taxpayers through misuse of a City Credit card or abuse of City resources would be gone as soon as it was verified. Caviar dinnerspai on a City credit card would not result in paying back  and all is forgiven, it would result in termination and expulsion from your City Hall Office, and hopefully a criminal prosecution.

Incompetence or improper behavior by any Department Head would not result in  City Hall babysitting  services, it would result in a guide map to the closest City Hall exit and the location to pick up your final paycheck.

With that being said though, I also want to make it clear  that Hartford City Government is a system operated and run by human beings with human frailties. Many of those frail people have had large amounts of taxpayer money invested in them for training and other purposes I wouldn't be as quick as our current Mayor to write them  off for the expediency of the 60 second  sound bite on the 6 o'clock  news , especially when they might be some of the City's more productive employees. with the reputation our current Mayor has, he needs to try to look like the tough guy who is actually doing something, using those sounds bites.

I would think a Mayor worth his weight would show his leadership everyday through his actions and not need all the media and public relations stunts to prop himself up. A Mayor who values his residents and its neighborhoods wouldn't need a Police detail to protect him as he moves around the City. The Police protection would be on the streets where it is needed in the neighborhoods that suffer from the crime problems every  day, not as the designated driver for a Mayor out partying

We need a Mayor that is not afraid of the truth and is not afraid to stand up to it . We need someone that understands what accountability means and also understands that he owes that accountability to the people that elected him and the only way to operate an efficient government is to make  it understood that the new standard is that you will be held accountable. You are given a great opportunity as a City employee , with a good salary, great benefits and as a City employee, you are in much better shape than many of the people paying your salary. And as a City , we will demand your best in return, every day.

If you are unable to do that , please don't prolong the inevitable, start your new job search now.

As Mayor, I would also have a difficult time dealing with reactionary people , including the City Council. Where is the vision?  Hartford can't survive by only being prepared to react to issues. How about thinking ahead or maybe exercising some degree of management expertise to avoid problems? The Council was quick to react to the Registrar of Voters mess, including their media comments. Can any one of them say they never knew there was a problem with incompetence in the Registrars Office ? Did anyone of them talk to our Legislative delegation to talk about a statute change for the Registrars Office  as the voters indicated they wanted by their vote for Charter Change over a year ago?

As much as I appreciate your comments, I am not convinced that Hartford has reached the boiling  point where they are serious about change and turning this City around, and electing a Mayor and Council that will take their positions seriously and forget the political grandstanding  and making every decision based upon ensuring their e-election in 4 years as I think they do now

 Until we forget the political posturing and start doing things based upon sound management  methods and accountability Hartford will not change. We can not survive more of the same old same old, We also need a media that is more willing to hold the Administration accountable.

At last weeks dog and pony show to announce violent crime was down, no one asked Mayorr Segarra about sustainability( even though the reductions are in line with national trends and no great plan by Segarra). How does Segarra plan on keeping the numbers down when the number of Officers at HPD is at least 100 less than it was at this time last year with no visible light at the end of the tunnel for hiring. It sounds good that crime is down, but we also don't hire cops on a weeks notice because we run an ad in the paper. It requires vision , leadership and planning. I a not complaining, I want to see our city safer. I think the world of Chief Rovella and his efforts, but he can only do so much without the proper support

In closing, the short answer to your question is, yes, I have thought about running for Mayor. Yes , numerous people have contacted me asking  me to consider it and  as I stated initially, I am arrogant enough to say I know in my heart I could do a better job than what we have now, I also know that I am not presumptuous enough to think anyone can walk in and run a half a billion dollar a year corporation. That would require  putting together a superstar team to get the job done. A team that would not be afraid to tell me or anyone else when they disagreed or thought there was a better way to get things done, unlike our past two administrations.

Nothing would make me prouder than  to end every day telling myself I made a difference in our City and improved the life of someone that calls Hartford Home. Not gauging my performance on how many trips I could make to Boston or New York to pick up nonsense awards that did nothing to make Hartford a better  place.

I think I have  good idea what Hartford needs and how to get there. The secret for the next Mayor is in convincing five or six thousand people to believe it also.


Anne said...

Wow! Kevin, I am impressed, but also disappointed that you choose not to run. That would be an honorable administration I'd be proud to work within. If you ever change your mind, please consider me as a serious candidate for the Director of Communications position. I'd do ten times the work of--with ten times more skill than--Maribel, for half of her $97K salary. Seriously.

Anne said...

Wow! Kevin, I am impressed, but also disappointed that you choose not to run. That would be an honorable administration I'd be proud to work within. If you ever change your mind, please consider me as a serious candidate for the Director of Communications position. I'd do ten times the work of--with ten times more skill than--Maribel, for half of her $97K salary. Seriously.


Thanks. most of the City Hall salaries should be cut in half to come in line with the real world.we have way too many $100,000 a year secretaries on the City payroll


just by typing your comment you did 10 times the work Maribel probably did today

Anonymous said...

It's not Maribel only. It's Maribel AND Hilda. Together it's much more than $9, this's before even adding their benefits... Disgusting and shameful.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin, First of all, thanks for using my opening line. After reading your statement, I wish you would look back on what you wrote, you are exactly what the City Of Hartford needs, and they need it now! Hartford has endured two screw ups already, and it's time for a change, a change for someone like you who can see what the City needs, someone like you who has that vision, you in some different ways remind me of Mayor Mike, Mike had that kindness about him, but he also knew the City and how to run it, I feel that you have that too, but you Kevin, you have that backbone, and that is what the City needs, and it needs it now, so I hope you rethink your decision to run.