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Friday, January 16, 2015


I have been watching all the commentary about the anger that our French Ambassador was the highest ranking American Diplomat in Paris last weekend. Whether you like President Obama, or not, is that a climate we want to send our president or Vice president into. What was the final body count of victims and hostages killed by terrorists in Paris? These were vicious terrorists intent on achieving their goal at any cost and going out as martyrs to their cause. And is there anyone with half a brain that thinks that to terrorists there is any greater achievement than the President of the United States of America? Anyone that even thought about encouraging that trip ought to be under psychiatric  treatment about now


Freeisme said...

Wow, for once I agree with you. Perhaps the apocalypse really is on its way. That was my initial thought on the subject when the press was reporting of Obama, Kerry or even Holder's absence.

Interesting, however, that Netenyahu and the Palestenian President were part of the delegation that walked arm and arm, if I understood the reports correctly.

Bottom line: Obama rarely can catch a break from media scrutiny. But, isn't that a sign of the times?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pedro should have let Shooting Task Force take care of the detail...