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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Hartford City Clerk John Bazzano today notified Councilwoman Cynthia Jennings that she has effectively resigned , due to her recent actions changing her party affiliation.

The details are outlined below, but Hartford 's City Charter and Connecticut State Statutes seem pretty clear on this.

Bazzano has also notified Jennings that any vote she cast since her January switch will be invalidated and her compensation and benefits provided by the taxpayers of Hartford to her , will be "impacted.

This should prove to be interesting to see how Hartford's Corporation Counsel moves to enforce Hartford's Charter

Jennings Resignation by  on Scribd


Anonymous said...

How long before Jenna and the Courant rip and read this from your blog and claim to "break another Hartford City Hall mess story

Anonymous said...

It looks like the bottom feeders at the Courant have once again stolen a story from your blog and not giving you any credit for posting it a day before they even knew about it.

I think Bronin fed Jenna the story this morning from what I hear