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Thursday, June 7, 2018


Does anyone wonder why elected officials from across the State aren't enthusiastically jumping on board to support Hartford's bailout/

Here is the simple answer, I think most people, even casual observers, realize Hartford is a hot mess, devoid of any real leadership. This isn't a new phenomenon for Connecticut's Capitol City, but I think it is actually getting worse and it almost seems like the residents just don't care. Voter turnout is abysmal, voter involvement is even worse and there is virtually no accountability for the under life at City Hall. 

Earlier this week I broke the story about Working Families Councilwoman Cynthia Jennings and her antics. Even though Jennings was elected as a Working Families Party member and gladly accepted the support and votes from Hartford residents willing to vote for her, under the cover of darkness she decided she would rather be a Democrat.

I'm not really sure what the difference is between a Democrat and a Working Families Party candidate, aside from the fact that they aren't Republicans. And under the State's minority representation laws, The WFP has a better chance of grabbing minority seats by not officially being "Democrats".

Here is Hartford City Clerk John Bazzano's take on the matter

Now you would have thought that WFP Councilwoman Jennings would have pulled out her official "rule Book", also known as the Hartford Municipal Code and done a little research. It clearly states that Jennings actions were improper and would essentially result in her forced resignation from the Council

This is the specific wording from the Hartford Municipal Code:(c)

Vacancies in various elective offices.                             


Vacancies resulting from changes in member's residence or political party registration. A member of the council shall be deemed to have resigned upon ceasing to be a resident of the city. With the exception of the final three (3) months of the term of office, a member of council who changes political party registration and thereby alters the party composition of the council shall be deemed to have resigned. 

And as a lawyer, Jennings should be familiar with how to research Connecticut State Statutes, and she would have found that her antics were also illegal under Minority Representation Laws, 9-167a.And even worse is that Jennings withheld her actions from her fellow Council members, her Working Families colleagues and most importantly, from the voters of the City of Hartford, all while she continued to fraudulently collect her salary and benefits from the taxpayers.

If her actions were even close to being considered legitimate, why was there no public announcement or even a press release? Why did she continue to identify herself as a WFP member and sit with the other WFP members at Council meetings?

And an even bigger issue is being researched by staff in the City Clerks Office. How much of the Councils business since she jumped ship in January can possibly have been affected by her illegitimate presence on the Council? What about her actions moving items out of committee as a result  her motions or referrals forward or even seconding a motion.

Jennings irresponsible actions may have placed a half year of the Council's work in potential jeopardy.. Councilwoman Jennings needs to be held accountable for her unlawful actions as well as any costs involved and any payment or benefits provided to her since she jumped ship. These dollars need to be recovered for the taxpayers of Hartford, as well as to set an example that we place trust in our elected officials and we won't tolerate any abuse of that trust


Anonymous said...

You got her Kevin and the city knows it. How will they respond? I bet I know..... You're a racist, Kevin. Why? Because nothing logical or legal can be used to rebute this, so the will attack the messenger.

RB said...

Held Accountable? yeah, that'll happen.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of incompetent,criminal ,bottom feeding lawyers taking advantage of the dimwits who make up the majority of uninformed residents in Hartford. Recently you people have voted in Segarra ,Bronin and Jennings ,,who’s next ?

Bloggin on my lunch at 550 said...

Why are there green bikes all over the place. Lying on the ground. Did i miss a free givaway ??

DonnaSwarr said...

I understand the records need to be amended/corrected but what about the effect?

Anonymous said...

Many city of Hartford upper management, department heads, supervisors historically are not held accountable and disciplined for their misdeeds. Cynthia the camelion, changing her party affiliation and not concerned about adverse repercussiins is not surprising. Jared kupiac wrecked city car and stole city property was never fired. Marc Nelson lied about his academic credentials and was not qualified to be tax collector but was hired as tax collector and at tip pay. He rented a large home in avon and didn't pay the rent for two years while working as the tax collector for Hartford. The cirst time he ran for an elected position in Hartford while using a phony address.
Adam embezzled $20 thousand from the city if Hartford got caught and city council only turned it into a four year zero percent interest loan. As comptroller, Leigh Ann Ralls allowed Earl Ogarro to embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the city of Hartford , denied knowimg anything, "me too movement" comes along and shes promoted to Director of Finance. I'm not going to continue with the list of people. But Cynthia's right, so what if it's a rule.

Anonymous said...

Since the powers that be decided that no arrest was warranted for what Lou Crabtree or felt the need to seek compensation for the misused funds quite frankly this issue here doesnt bother as much atleast her carelessness didnt result in possible gang members and hoodlums having top notch ammunition

Anonymous said...

A quick review of all votes from January showed that negating her vote only effects one issue. Councilman Deutsch stated that Jennings was on the winning side fo a 5-4 vote on a resolution which dealt with what kind of health insurance the City provides workers. Outside of that, there was no other vote where removing er vote changes the eventual vote.

Anonymous said...

Cop hating filth.

Bobby Windsor said...


Anonymous said...

Just heard on the radio this morning that Hartford was ranked #11 for the worst city to live in. Way to go Hartford. Typical Democratic progressive minority run shithole.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia fought hard coming up the ranks I support her