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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


How can any candidate running for political office be proud of gaining an elected office with 464 votes out of a possible 7,000 plus eligible voters?

 That hardly sounds like a "mandate" or a "landslide" victory.

When are the voters of Hartford going to wake up and realize nothing is going to change if they themselves don't change?

It is also a travesty that over $50,000 was most likely spent on administering a Special Election and resulted in such poor turnout.

I am not really sure why people accept this as normal. Are we that tone deaf to what is going on in our City? Or are we willing to allow people who know how to reserve a moving van to become eligible  to run for open seats  without really spending much time in the areas they want to represent?

Again, let me say, nothing is going to change until we change and take control of our City.

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