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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


In response to Cynthia Jennings’ stepping down from the Hartford City Council:

Lindsay Farrell, state director, CT Working Families Party:

Cynthia Jennings earned the nomination of the Working Families Party and was elected by the voters of Hartford as a City Councilwoman. Given that the voters elected a WFP nominee, we plan to honor their votes by looking into our local membership to fill the vacancy. We hope for a process free of political vengeance and maneuvering.

"In her time on the Hartford City Council, Cynthia has earned a reputation as a champion of environmental justice. We have been proud to work with her, and we look forward to continuing to build a stronger, fairer Hartford with her WFP successor.”


DonnaSwarr said...

Well, it is a good try at moving on, but - stepping down? Good PR work.

Anonymous said...

She is bright and logical like that car 8 B person. It is the best layed plans to not take on a new administration with the amount of baggage in your I file. I will not think or entertain any further thoughts regarding your moronic ways. When one demands such rewards as a north assignment and then attempts to slap the hand that feeds you is poor planning and tactics.

Anonymous said...

Jennings was useless anyway

long time resident said...

who get's to appoint the replacement?