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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


As requested, here is the map showing the location and victims information for Hartford's homicides for 2010. Click on any of the markers to view the specific information. The markers are in alphabetical order with "A" being the first homicide of the year. The markers also show the method of homicide as well as if the case is open or cleared by an arrest.

If you have information regarding any of these homicides, I encourage you to call the Hartford Police Department, Major Crimes Division at 860-757-4000. If you are not sure about doing that, rest assured you can do it anonymously by e-mailing me or contacting Hartford Crimestoppers. Please try to provide as much information as possible, every bit of information, no matter how small, can provide a missing piece of the puzzle to solve these crimes.

After this posting moves down into the archives, the map will permanently be available in the right column below the Hartford monthly check register. Just click and drag the map to get to the area you want, and use the sliding scale on the left to zoom in or out on the map.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for all the information. This map is great idea as well the check book. You are doing the job the City employees should be doing and they get paid big bucks. Keep up the good job.

Kathy Kosmaler said...

Thank you, Kevin. I really appreciate the work you did on this. Alot of people don't realize yet how much they are going to like it.

jackwent said...

Can't find the remainder of the total of the 23 homicides in Hartford in 2010? The names are included with the map at,0,1258139.mapgallery

jackwent said...

I don't mean to take the wind from your sails, Kevin, after the work you did on the map. After listing the URL for the map of homicides in Hartford in 2010, I reviewed the listings on the referenced Courant map and found a couple of apparent errors. The map has only 15 flags, but lists 23 persons killed. Mothers United Against Violence, having vigils at most sites of homicides, has listed 25 homicides in 2010. The two missing from that map are: Antuane Allen, 9/10, at 54 Martin Street, and Tyrell Shaw, 12/25, at 55 Edgewood Street. MUAV will list the 21 homicides of 2011 on their Facebook page in the near future. But without the fancy map you created, Kevin.