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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The more I "play" with this blog the more I learn all the features I haven't been using.

"My Blog List" has been added and can be viewed in the right hand column. Since I think blogs attract more of an audience when the information is fresh, I have also included the feature that shows you the last time an entry was added. If you see someone with "old" entries, nudge them a little bit for some updated content (I know you are a busy guy Chief and you too Councilman).

The City of Hartford's check register was posted in today's blog posting. I will try to keep a couple months worth as I get them in the right hand column. Just click on the month and review them. Hopefully the spirit of co-operation and transparency will continue and they will be readily available each month.

COMING SOON: A couple months ago a reader had requested a map showing the locations of Hartford's homicides. I'm getting close to figuring that out and it should be ready any day now.

A link to the "1Hartford" program has been in the right column for a few weeks also. As Stan McCauley continues to build his "on-line network",, he is tweaking its operations. It seems to be best viewed using the Firefox web browser, but recent changes seem to be making it easier to use. Click on the "1Hartford" logo to view the current weeks program.

Most of these additions are suggestions coming from readers, so if there is something you would like to see to make the blog more interesting, feel free to suggest it. And no Eddie, Susan and Sarah, shutting down the blog is not a helpful suggestion.

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