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Friday, May 7, 2010


This seems to be one of those posts that has raised more questions than it has answered.

I have received numerous calls and e-mails asking what type of disciplinary action has been taken against Eric Jackson. Apparently the answer is none.

It would seem that in this Administration, Jackson's activities are acceptable behavior. The fact that a city vehicle was issued to him, even though it appears to be a violation of policy, is apparently acceptable. The fact that he was using the vehicle on non-related city business and headed to a social function (i.e., a party) on a Saturday evening is also apparently acceptable.

It also would seem to be acceptable that he has been found responsible for the crash, originally left the scene of the accident and now has already cost the city in excess of $278,000, not including outside legal fees. It must also be acceptable that he has now brought the City of Hartford into another lawsuit as a defendant, potentially that can result in a decision costing millions.

No disciplinary action against Eric "Crash" Jackson, yet numerous others that have done far less have been terminated. This should work well for some of those who have been terminated though when the question is raised about equal treatment for violations of City policy's.

Some of your calls have provided interesting information though, I welcome the information and promise to pursue all of your tips.

Also, according to the Hartford Tax Collector's website, Mr. Jackson did not own a personal vehicle at the time, nor does he own a vehicle now, at least not one that is registered or taxed in Hartford.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that Clarence Corbin can shead some light on how crash got the car. I also suspect that the IRS will be interested in this case. I believe that personal mileage driven in a work vehicle is considered income. I hope he reported it.

I wonder if he ever used the car to his many trips to Boston to visit family?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Action Jackson originally left the scene b/c he was DWI.

Anonymous said...

Why has no action been taken, or no other news organization commented on this story? Or the police not been taken to task? Any follow-up, Kevin?

Anonymous said...

He must have something really good to hold over the Perez administration, because he lives rent free, has a city paid vehicle, cost the city a whole lot of money in legal fees and is still employed. Where can I get such a job

Anonymous said...

Also, according to the Hartford Tax Collector's website, Mr. Jackson did not own a personal vehicle at the time, nor does he own a vehicle now- Check with Human Relations his own personal car is registered with them thats how they justify a parking space for him, he just never changed registration from where ever he came from. Pretty nice huh not supporting the City that pays you so well.

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean check with Human Resources, Jackson never registered his car here to avoid paying taxes and check with his son who also reaps the benefits of living rent free and I believe he is the one driving daddy's vehicle to his CITY job.