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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just got home from the Hartford City Council Budget hearings and after turning on the TV to check up on the RED SOX, I logged on to to see if anything new was going on. After looking at the "breaking news" I scrolled down to look at the Courant's blogs.

After listening to a couple of hours of the smoke and mirrors of the Perez budget being explained, I wanted to check the "Capitol Watch" blog to see what was being done in the final hours of the legislative session to reduce the budget gap. Instead of finding a headline about work being done in the final 24 hours of the session, there was a headline that read "Finalists Named For Best-Dressed At Capitol; Defending Champions Cafero And Klarides Are In The Running". You can read the full entry by clicking here

My first thought before reading the full entry was "what pompous fool from Fairfield County would waste the time on something like that?"

Does the legislature not realize that people are losing their jobs and losing their homes. In addition to the State budget, cities like Hartford are on the brink of failing and all some rich legislator is worried about is who is the best dressed?

Many people in Hartford can't even afford basic necessities and here some legislator is worried about who looks best in Gucci loafers or a Ralph Lauren suit?

Imagine my surprise when I read the article and saw that the legislator that I thought was some "pompous fool" was none other than our own Hartford State Representative Kenneth Green. Apparently the best dressed title is awarded by Rep. Kenneth Green's annual contest for the best dressed legislators and lobbyists at the state Capitol.

Is it any wonder that Hartford, and the state for that matter, is the mess it is. Rather than focusing on correcting the mess we call government, we can sleep sound at night knowing that Hartford's state representative Kenneth Green has taken on the role of Chief of the Connecticut State Capitol Fashion Police.

I wasn't convinced before tonight, but maybe it is time for some shakeups in the Hartford Delegation.

Oh, and the Red Sox just took the lead 4 to 1 on a base clearing double.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin...some of the hartford delegation seem out of touch and beyond caring about the average citizen.For instance Senator Fonfara is well known for never returning any calls to his office.Minnie maintains a campaign "office" in her house and charges herself rent and charges all utilities...even the utilities to the rest of the house to her campaign,while the rest of Hartford's citizens struggle to survive.I could go on but you get my drift.