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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Is it any wonder that the City of Hartford can function at all under the incompetent leadership of Mayor Eddie Perez. The proof just keeps surfacing every day, but after a while you have to wonder how long many of the Perez staffers would survive in the "real world" of the private sector.

I wonder how many people managing construction projects in the private sector would keep a job if the project they were overseeing collapsed. This the case of the new Public Safety complex under the management of the Perez Capital Projects Director James Keaney. I wonder how many architects and engineers would have their invoices paid if they were part of a project that is stalled after the project structure collapsed.

But, in the end, don't worry, all is fine, this is Eddie's world.

If you were an attorney in private practice, how long would you last if you "lost" a check for over $100,000 and then retaliated against the person who originally wrote the check that you lost? That is the case of a contractor who was involved in the Hartford High School project. Because of an apparent overpayment, contractor Rick Rowe of Rowe Construction wrote a check to the City of Hartford for reimbursement of over $100,000. Assistant Corporation Counsel Carl Nasto apparently acknowledged receipt of the check. The acknowledgement was made prior to someone from the City "losing" the check.

Subsequent payments to Rowe for other work that has been done have not been paid. Rowe is upset, and I can't say that I blame him. Sounds like a lawsuit coming on this one.

But as if we need to be reminded that this administration shouldn't even be entrusted with running a hot dog cart in Bushnell Park, more proof keeps coming in.

Last night I was provided with a document that was completed as the result of a Council budget question. It seems that the Council, for whatever reason, wanted a list of the "terminations" of City employees for the period of July 1, 2009 through April 21, 2010. The list was provided by Perez staffers and submitted to the Council.

I was somewhat surprised when I looked at the list and saw one person who was listed on the list and the reason for his termination was listed as "deceased" as of 2/28/10. Since I had seen Lieutenant Christopher Mefford of the Police Department recently, I couldn't believe he looked so good for being deceased for a couple months.

It just makes you wonder, if they can't even tell who is dead or alive how can we trust any of their other information. It sounds like something Mark Twain might have made a comment about.

I confirmed that Lt. Mefford is alive and Chief Roberts also confirmed that. Chief Roberts said he would correct the matter, but I suggested he fill the Lt's spot quickly if they had an opening. Probably no one would catch it at City Hall.

Termination's -Mefford Deceased

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The King said...

Apparently in your world nobody makes mistakes? Oh wait a second, didn't you not pay taxes on a vehicle you owned in Hartford?

Every once in a while you should throw in a positive article. There are a lot of good things happening in Hartford.