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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In light of tonight's revelations by the New York Times regarding Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's Vietnam service (or lack thereof) mis-spelling the title of the office you are running for seems small potatoes (or is it potato's).

I usually don't venture outside of Hartford's issues, but this one bothers me. I had a conversation with a Hartford political leader last week as we discussed what makes politicians "tick". He suggested that politicians that get into trouble should be forced to get a "cat scan" to see what part of their brain is glowing red to try to determine a pattern for deception.

I'm starting to think that might not be a bad idea. If these allegations are true, what would drive one of this generations most popular statewide "politicians" to stretch the truth to the extreme. This isn't 1950 when digging for information was nearly impossible. This is the age of the internet when nothing "disappears" even cheap, poorly shot video claiming service in Vietnam.

To read the New York Times story, click here. The WWE doesn't look so bad after all, at least we knew all along that was a sham.

And now I'm done for the night, Court starts at 9:30am tomorrow.


Rich Wareing said...

rJo has her faults, but I have never heard of her overstating her military service.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

A few "slips of the tongue" wouldn't be a game ender as he probably has referred to the vietnam era war thousands of times in political speeches.He should admit the few of them...if there were only a few...say he is sorry to have mis-spoken and move on...

Anonymous said...

It's funny how things that used to be lies are now "miscommunications".

Anonymous said...

This one is right up there with "I didn't inhale"