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Monday, May 17, 2010


I got to court late today, I really do have to work a real job occasionally. This blog is interesting, but it doesn't pay the bills.

So last week I had posted how frustrating it was to watch Hubie Santos, Perez's lawyer, manipulate the system with sleazy tactics. Well, today the playing field was leveled, I think, with one well placed smack to the defense by Judge Dewey.

On Friday during cross examination of a key witness, Carlos Costa, Santos asked him a question, and I'm paraphrasing here, but essentially "have you ever bribed a politician or government official to get a contract or to benefit yourself". After one of Costa's prolonged contemplation sessions, he answered in his "Brandoesque" voice....."no". Uh-oh, could be a problem.

Now I'm not an attorney, so I'm sure the term is wrong, but after Santos finished his cross examination Prosecutor Michael Gailor began his "cross-cross-examination". Rethinking this now on "Law and Order" I think they call it re-direct. I wish I could insert the "dumm-dumm" sound effect here.

So anyway, as soon as Gailor began his whatever you want to call it, he asked about Costa's claim that he never bribed any official or paid anyone for special consideration. When Costa once again answered no, Gailor asked if he recognized the name "Veronica Airey-Wilson". Now keep in mind, that since the start of the trial, Attorney Santos has shuffled from the defense table to the witness stand and back in a manner that reminds me of an elderly man shuffling down the hall of a nursing home.

After watching Santos and the way he operates, I'm more convinced that it might be theatrics more than an actual malady. I'm kind of convinced of the theatrics part after watching Santos shoot out of his chair and to his feet before Gailor could finish the name Airey-Wilson to shout out the word "OBJECTION".

In that old phrase I used last week, "what goes around, comes around" it was coming around quick to bite Hubie in the a........ . Once again I digress.

It seems that prior to the start of the trial, both the State and Santos had an agreement that Perez's "alleged" co-conspirators would not be mentioned. Veronica Airey-Wilson and Edward Lazu were off limits during the Perez trial.

But here is where Hubie's "slickness" came back to bite him. Apparently by Hubie asking Costa if he had ever bribed anyone before and Costa answering no, Hubie did something we see TV lawyers get chastised for all the time. According to Judge Dewey "Mr. Santos, you opened the door". slap, slap, slap, and finally one more slap for good measure.

Judge Dewey admonished Santos that even though a deal had been reached prior to the start of the trial for not mentioning Airey-Wilson and Lazu or their cases, the deal worked both ways. Santos couldn't expect the benefit of the deal while tying the states hands with the same deal. When he opened the door in questioning Costa, the State could now walk through that door also.

And walk they did. The jurors seemed to really perk up and pay attention and the note books were all open and perched on the jurors laps as they scribbled notes, even the Bondsman was scribbling quickly.

They really seemed to start when Gailor asked Costa what the name Veronica Airey-Wilson meant to him and Costa responded "she's a Hartford City Councilwoman". How do you know her? "I did work in her house, I put granite counter tops in her "butler" pantry". Did she pay you? "no, I didn't expect to get paid". Here we go, more of the quid pro quo, Costa expected her to help him out when he had problems, oh yeah, allegedly.

And then Gailor asked Costa, how about the name Ed Lazu? Costa:" I put in sidewalks and a driveway for him at his house". Gailor: did you expect to get paid? Costa: "No, I expected him to help me out if I had problems with the Human Relations Department". Gailor: "Did you have problems with Human Relations?" Costa: "yes, I was behind on my MBE and DBE filings and someone in the HR department was starting to come down hard on me".

I think you get the point, and at that late in the day when most people would be ready for a nap, the jury seemed wide awake and scribbling notes fast and furious.

Eddie on the other hand was spinning the Brazilian prayer bracelet he's wearing now frantically around his wrist.

Tomorrow is another day Eddie, but it seems like each day keeps getting worse. I can't wait to hear from the State Inspectors.


Jeff said...

Wow, that does not bode well for Eddie.

I read in Helen's tweets that Eddie's "Court Street Posse" has been staring her down with the evil eyes. They must be drilling holes into you Kevin.


There are a few that I will never win over, but like Helen, I can take the stares. For the most part, I think people realize the tide is turning and seem to be "hedging" their bets.

I'm not playing with my "prayer bracelet" like a mad man, so I do actually feel bad for Perez, he must be a nervous wreck now, more so as each day passes and new testimony comes out.

Anonymous said...

this wa a big big day as Veronica was tied in...why havent the republicans called for her resignation?


What Republican's?

Ok, you are probably right, there must be at least a couple of them left.

Good question though. I posted that last week, she starts her trial next month and not a peep from the GOP.

If there was a second party in Hartford, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in because someone would be raising issues and questions.

Have you heard a word from the Republican Town Committee Chairman about anything? Not just a corrupt Councilwoman, but even about the budget, reckless spending, increased taxes, unfriendly to businesses and I could go on and on.

As a clue to their silence though, take a look at the City check registers posted here and see how many people (Republicans) you can find that are beholding to Perez for payments. Start with the RTC Chair and go on from there. Tax appeals, printing, on and on.

I'll give a Perez "WANTED" t-shirt to whoever finds the most Republicans being paid by the City and the totals paid.