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Monday, May 17, 2010


If you aren't following Helen Ubinas' "tweets" on line or viewing the trial first hand from the courtroom, you might be missing out on the media coverage.

It's tedious being there, uncomfortable sitting on the benches and you have to develop a thick skin to the glaring stares from the Mayor's sycophants. And that doesn't even draw into consideration the parking and trips to the meter every two hours, only to have to empty your pockets all over again to make it back into the court through the metal detectors.

But one of the reporters who may have the best understanding of the issues and the investigation of the Perez case is noticeably absent. Jeff Cohen started some aspects of the investigation through his investigative reporting when he was at the Courant. Prior to the start of the trial, Cohen left the Courant and started with WNPR radio.

I think Jeff might have been as surprised as the rest of us when he was named as a potential witness during Jury selection.

For ethical reasons and to preserve his journalistic integrity Jeff and his new bosses at WNPR have made a decision for Jeff to distance himself from the trial. It just seems amusing to me to see someone that understands ethics and integrity taking the high road when we are talking about an Administration devoid of any clue what integrity and ethics are.

You can read a much more in-depth explanation by clicking here


Gerry Burgos said...

Hubie ain't stupid. He is probably putting out the word that Jeff is a potential witness to prevent Jeff from covering the trial, knowing that Jeff actually has ethics.

Anonymous said...

jeff u called arnd haraased all uf uss tell the truf hdedcio

Anonymous said...

Jeff, is an upstanding person with dignity and ethics, I do believe he will tell the truth when the time comes. We do miss his reporting thou, and sometimes I myself wonder what the real deal is. But don' give up...