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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sixto Lazu, the long serving Administrative Assistant to Mayor Segarra during his Council tenure will be leaving the Mayor's Staff. Sixto followed Mayor Segarra from the Council offices to the Mayor's Office recently when Mayor Segarra assumed the role of Mayor.

Lazu won't be leaving the employment of the City of Hartford though.

Both in the Council positions and those in the Mayor's Office, the employees serve at the will of the elected official that appoints them. If a Councilperson leaves office or decides not to run again, their assistants in most cases are out of a job. According to Lazu, he began looking for a more permanent and secure position with the City several months ago.

After several interviews, Lazu was accepted for a position in the office of City Clerk John Bazzano. The City Clerk's office also serves as the record keeper and the secretary for Council records and meetings. Lazu's knowledge of City Council operations should prove helpful in the Clerk's office.

And before the rumours start, all indications are that this was an amicable change and no pressure was put on Lazu to leave. The interviews and the final decision seem to have been made without any influence from the Mayor. Sixto Lazu has been an asset to the Council during his time there and has always been very helpful and responsive whenever I have had the opportunity to deal with him.

Congratulations Sixto and best wishes on your continued service to the people of Hartford.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

Sixto seems to be a very nice person...competant and empethetic...Pedro's loss will be Bazanno's gain.

Don said...

"The interviews and the final decision seem to have been made without any influence from the Mayor."

Yeah, whatever.

We've been told about new hirings for the Police, Fire and even Parks. I don't recall seeing a posting for a position at the Town Clerks office.

How many people did the town clerk interview? Who were the final candidates? Are there more openings? What is his starting salary?

The Mayor has already stated that he will not be here more than the 18 months remaining in the term. This smells of someone taking care of an ally.

Also, is this person related to Edward Lazu?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



You are right, let's just shut down City Hall and give up, corruption has won and no one can be trusted.

Have you ever met Sixto Lazu? Do you know anything about his character? Do you know how he performs or if he has been an asset at City Hall? Not every decision is based on payoffs and corrupt tactics.

Another point is that in this economy, who wouldn't opt for the security of a job for 10 or 15 years, as opposed to 16 months and then potentially on the streets when the Administration changes.

And finally, yes , as I understand it, Ed Lazu is Sixto's brother. Can you be held accountable for the actions of your relatives? If you want to place guilt by association, it should be Lillian Ruiz, Ed Lazu's boss who should be held accountable for the actions that went on in her Department that led to felony arrests of Perez, Airey-Wilson, Lazu and Costa.

And if you want to talk about "taking care of an ally" do the names Kelvin Roldan and Evelyn Mantilla mean anything to you?

Don said...


I don't know Lazu. I'm making observations based on what you wrote. When I see that "the final decision SEEM to have been made without any influence from the Mayor." it tells me that you are are done with this. End of story. Something tells me that you would be digging a little harder if the names were Winch or Torres.

So I think everything is fine and dandy as long as someone seems to be a nice person. And especially fine if that person in fact is a nice person, as I'm sure Mr. Lazu is. That doesn't make patronage and cronyism any easier to swallow when it's so blatant and obvious.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

It isnt blatant cronyism to promote and/or hire from within.Some would even call that smart as you can be assured of some institutional sense of history.As long as the process was fair, and Ive seen nothing to the contrary...then it was wise to hire and promote from within.

I think Don took a cheap shot at Kevin and owes him an apology.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, what have you actually seen about the process other than Kevins words?

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Anonymous...admittingly nothing....i have been a regular in here since just after Kevin started posting and not once has anyone caught him in a he gets my benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, Kevin said nothing that would point to a lie. He simply said that it "seems" that the mayor was not involved. This confesses ignorance to the process in how the man actually got the job. I just thought you knew something more than what was printed.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

i know nothing more then anyone else on Sxto's new job...and i already posted what i thought.

Maria said...

Bruce, so when you say "Ive (sic) seen nothing to the contrary." you really do mean it. You have actually seen nothing.

So City Hall will just keep on being city hall and as long as you see nothing to the contrary, you're just going to keep your mouth shut until someone you don't like comes along.

Sylvia said...

Let's end all the speculation. Kevin: just FOIA the job posting, the applications of everyone who applied, and HR's ranking of those who applied.