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Friday, July 30, 2010


As I have stated before, to be upfront, I am the campaign manager for Angel Morales who is running against Kelvin Roldan for the 4th District legislative seat.

This article speaks for itself, so I'll just post the link and let you check it out. Click here to go to CITYLINE,

The photo of Kelvin Roldan is from "the 40 year plan" which is on summer vacation as its author Ken Krayeske studies for the Connecticut Bar exam


Anonymous said...

Could that chin stick out anymore and that nose be any higher in the air? What a pompous a**.

At least he finally pulled his nose out of Eddies a** after he got his no show job at the Board of Ed for $120,000 grand a year, ala Willie Nunes

Anonymous said...

Angel could be a decent representative for the 4th district if he distances himself from Minnie and Ramon.I would feel better about about Angel if I was assured that in matters of politics he was listening and adhering to the advice from his campaign staff and campaign manager, rather then from outsiders from a different district.Especially if he wins...he should be influenced by those folks in the 4th district who supported him,not outsiders from elsewhere.Minnie of course has SEEC issues that she will probably be facing soon as those issues make their way possibly to the state prosecutors.Ramon's past indescresion with a " lady of the night" is well known.The problem beyond those matters is the fact that Ramon was on Fonfara's payroll in 2008 and Fonfara is owned by the DiBella's.Minnie and Ramon's son works for DiBella at the power plant in MDC and i think is out on disibilty right now.

Roldan of course was part of the felonious empire of ex Mayor Perez and did his bidding for years as an aide in the Mayor's office.Now Roldan has a 120k job in the BOE curtesy of Mayor Perez and some of us feel that Adamowski ought to revisit the need for that position.Be that as it may, Roldan has shown no independance from Perez and to a large extent has never once critisized Perez publically for his criminal conduct.

What all this really means for Hartford is that except for Pedro,Edwin Vargas and some others...there are very few Hispanics who are independant.There are also corrupt elected officials and political hangers on of other etniciites but that is a subject for another day.Perhaps Angel could be one more independant elected official if he were to win and that would be a good thing for Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Follow this link: Not a Good Sign for the Angel Morales, the Felon.



you posted the same link I have in the original posting.

Your point? Angel is actually referred to as "ex-offender" in the article, but thanks for repeating it, it just shows it is not a big dark secret.

Anonymous said...

Mira, Pendejo-

I am not a Roldan Fan, if anything I dislike the the Mofo- But you have been preaching disclosure for a LONG TIME AND NOW YOU Are protecting a felon - Yo disclose.

Please Disclose, cut the articulate bull shit- What did Angel do ??

A Supporter, papi talk 2 us.