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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Earlier this week I posted regarding the large amount of money solicited for Senator John Fonfara's campaign from energy company executives and employees of energy companies. Click here to read the earlier post

One of the contributors seemed to stand out, contribution #369. It was from a Fred Shaffer of 2412 Marathon Avenue in Neanah, Wisconsin. Shaffer is listed as the Senior Director of Government Affairs for Kimberly-Clark. I wondered why a toilet paper and tissue manufacturer was donating to Senator Fonfara's campaign? (I'll leave the jokes to you commenter's)

Kimberly-Clark didn't seem to be in line with the rest of Fonfara's donors aligned with energy companies and Fonfara's chairmanship of the legislatures Energy and Technology Committee.

While I was watching Channel 3's 5:30pm news tonight, it all became clear. Heather Hedgedus reported on the ribbon cutting for Kimberly-Clark's new power plant for their facility in Milford, CT. The power plant was partially funded by a $19 million dollar grant from the State of Connecticut. And the most interesting part was the actual ribbon cutting.

Guess who was pictured with the big ceremonial scissors in his hands slicing through the yellow ribbon. Congratulations if you guessed correctly, Hartford's own Senator John Fonfara.

Alternative energy is important, but then again so is integrity and the public's perception of our politicians. Was a $100.00 contribution that important to Fonfara's campaign, or would it have sent a better message if he politely said "thanks, but no thanks".

I guess only the voters can decide if integrity and ethics matter.

***NOTE- as soon as the link is posted at I'll post it here so you can view the story for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin...could you cross-check the folks and their companies who gave Fonfara money against the utility and energy company lobby list of Bill and Mark might be interesting.