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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This is just one of those things that makes me shake my head in disbelief and wonder if we need to start testing the air and water for hallucinogenics at Hartford City Hall.

During the Perez years, a new Public Safety Complex for Hartford was planned and construction began. The Hartford Police Federal Ctredit Union currently occupies space in the Police building at Jennings Road in Hartford.  The normal progression would seem to be that accommodations would be made to move the Credit Union to the new Public Safety Complex. In a corrupt administration things don't  always go as expected and many times deals are cut behind the scenes.

Since Perez's Administration was clearly corrupt, common sense doesn't apply and the HPD Credit Union was cut out of the new complex and the location was given to the Hartford Municipal Employees Credit Union instead.

Sources have told me that the HPD Credit Union  "was done dirty" and the City wanted to make it  up to them and began the process of selling them an abandoned property directly across the street from the new complex.  Although the property has not been officially closed on yet, one source told me that the City had accepted their bid of approximately $170.000  for the City owned property months ago. Apparently the closing has been postponed on at least three different occasions.  The first time , according to sources the City provided an inaccurate plot plan which needed to be corrected with accurate dimensions.

Ok, so now here comes the crazy part. Another closing has been scheduled for this week and on the eve of the closing the City is trying to put it off again apparently. The reason is that COO David Panagore has , according to sources,  notified the HPD Credit Union that Federal money has been found to actually move the building from its current location to the corner of Main Street and Albany Avenue.

This is a property that would return to the Grand List and begin producing much needed tax revenue once the sale is completed. One person familiar with the sale asked is this was the way the city handles Economic Development and why would anyone consider moving a business here if the process is so cumbersome

That corner was slated to be the location of a new McDonald's Restaurant recently until the project was killed by the city. More craziness that City Hall would kill any development project at this time, but again, it has to be the air quality clogging the brains at City Hall.

Hopefully if the building is moved, since it is a historic property, the vendor will be different than the one used to preserve the historic facade of the new Complex. That was done wrong and the entire facade eventually collapsed. The HPD Credit Union might just end up as a pile of bricks on High Street.

A call to the Mayor's Chief of Staff for comment has not been returned as of this time.


Anonymous said...

the attached comment was posted under the name "dave Panagore", since I am pretty confident it is not his posting I am reposting it as anonymous, Kevin

Please have the Hartford Police Federal Credit Union in the new building. Nobody, I mean nobody wants the new credit union in there. So how did they end up there? No doubt a political payoff somewhere. What a Joke. How about ask the members of the Police Department who they would rather have in their building. The entire Police Department was left out of this decision, and now we are stuck with this new freak credit union, with a bunch of freaky employees

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should FOI the bids form both Credit Union's from what I know they can't find any bids submitted by the other credit union but Iam sure the Current credit union has theirs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the city is gonna screw another good thing up. Hey mayor- you never have to think about what the right thing to do is. When you have to ask yourself "is this what I should be doing? ". It's probably not the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. - Peter Drucker

Mr. Panagore. You should live by the words YOU quote!