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Monday, July 23, 2012


word is that more useless positions continue to be eliminated at Hartford City Hall. Evelyn Mantilla, former Perez-ite has been shown the door and is no longer employed by the taxpayers of Hartford. It has not been clear for several years what her position actually has been since Perez took her off his office payroll and buried her in several departments of city government.

Mantilla, the former state representative for the 4th assembly district had stepped aside to clear the way for another Perez-ite, Kelvin Roldan to get elected to Mantilla's seat. Mantilla then landed a lucrative consulting contract with Perez and eventually a paid staff position before she was hidden away in the Health Department  at a $70.000.00 a year plus salary and then she was eventually moved to MHIS, the city's IT Department.

Perez's former "Energy Czar" Donald Blalock was also shown the door the same time as Mantilla.

Word also is that one of the assistants to Chief Operating Officer David Panagore has quit her newly created post after she refused to move into Hartford , as was required within 6 months of her hiring.
Word also is that other Department heads are in free fall mode and every effort is being made to avoid an exodus from City Hall, more on that to come.


Anonymous said...

Based on past performance, wouldn't an exodus of Department Heads be a welcome thing?


good point, but these things usually end up costing us a hefty price in the end, either from the contract buyouts or the lawsuit settlements.