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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hartford City Council President Shawn T. Wooden announced that, today, Mayor Segarra has submitted a resolution to the Council for the appointment of James C. Rovella as Chief of the Hartford Police Department. Accordingly, in an effort to expedite the process, the Council will convene a special meeting on Monday, July 30th at 5:30 P.M. to receive the resolution and have a confirmation hearing immediately thereafter at 6:00 P.M.

“The appointment of a police chief is extraordinarily important to the future of the City of Hartford. Because Chief Rovella was not subject to the process that other candidates faced, a thorough vetting by the Council is crucial. Hartford residents want to feel safer in our city. And, given the length of time that we have been without a permanent police chief, the Council should act with urgency in considering this appointment. I look forward to hearing Chief Rovella’s vision for public safety in our city. I also look forward to giving the community an opportunity to ask questions of Chief Rovella,” said Wooden.

The confirmation hearing will consist of four components: opening remarks from Mayor Segarra, remarks from Chief Rovella, questions from the public, and questions from the Council. Members of the public may also participate in the confirmation process by submitting questions or comments to or calling 860-757-9570.

Councilman Kyle K. Anderson, Chairman of the Quality of Life, Public Safety, and Housing Committee, added, “Public engagement is incredibly important in all aspects of public safety and this is no exception. Our city has a crime epidemic, and it is imperative that the next police chief understands the concerns of Hartford residents. That is why it is so important that we give both the public and Chief Rovella the opportunity to have that discussion.”

The City Charter gives the Council 60 days from July 30, 2012 to take action on the appointment of Chief Rovella.


Anonymous said...

Wooden should haul Panagore before the council as the public and the council are very dissatisfied with the process of the police chief selection.There appears to be a coverup coming where Rovella will be rammed through and the important questions concerning the selection procress,or lack thereof,will be swept under the rug.

Anonymous said...

PE Segarra,

should resign, he as become a major disappointment, he as abdicated his elected post and as allow Panagore to become the sadistic defacto mayor.

Anonymous said...

should ask for Panagore's resignation

- Pedro has abdicated his role as the mayor. His is J Lowing out there while the city is sinking and going two hell.

Pedro- Panagore, Go Away.

Anonymous said...

If the City ignores the charter and give Rovella the Embers package then they should give it to all the people they cheated out of promotions so they could deny them the chance to get Embers.


how would they be ignoring the Charter? where in the Charter is that even mentioned?