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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Word is that Hartford's Superintendent of School's Christina Kishimoto might have a reading problem of her own. It seems that Kishimoto apparently failed to read the "No Parking " sign in front of her Kenyon Street home warning about towing for street sweeping. Kishimoto's car was towed by an Officer from the Hartford Police Traffic Division, who regularly enforce and tow vehicles to facilitate street sweeping in Hartford's neighborhoods.

Spurces have told me the vehicle was reclaimed by Kishimoto after she paid the appropriate fees


Mr King said...

Is this interesting?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should participate in an afternoon program for the reading illiterate, or is it a mathematics issue not knowing what is an odd or even number, or is it just a general education issue where she does not now the sequence of the days of the week. Nah, it's just her incompentance, dont expect your students to achieve if you can't follow basic parking signs. No wonder there's such a huge acheivement gap in Hartford.
Just another example of finger prints left on the city by Eddie Perez, just like Panagore, what a mess.

Anonymous said...

I don't advocate her not following the rules but she got ticketed and paid the fine. Hey, at least she paid the fine because when she gives out those 3 million plus bonuses, she can say she pays her fair share to the city.
How about taking that 3million plus bonus money and giving it back to the kids or fixing a school like Milner.
And by the way, she can read. Pronouncing words that start with sh, ch, or th-that's another matter!