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Monday, July 23, 2012


On Tuesday, July 10th, Mayor Segarra named James Rovella as his pick as the permanent replacement for the position of Chief of the Hartford Police Department. The process was bizarre., it was a waste of $50,000 and produced less than stellar results. The Corporation Counsel should be attempting to recover our $50,000 dollars from an incompetent search firm.

Now as i speak to Council members asking where they stand on Rovella's approval by the Council, they are all non-committal and keep mentioning "the process". I don't want to dwell on "the process" because I am a strong believer in Chief Rovella and his vision and I feel that in spite of "the process" we now have the best choice in place to move HPD forward..

If the Council has an issue with "the process" is that any reason not to approve Rovella. Rovella was just a pawn in a nonsensical game of Hartford government orchestrated through the Mayor's Chief Operating Officer. If the Council really wants to get answers as to "the process"they won't come from Rovella, he didn't design nor implement "the process"

Under the City Charter, the Council has it within their power to get answers to any questions they may have as to "the process" by conducting hearings and put David panagore in the hot seat and have him answer the questions they may have , on the record for everyone to hear. If the Council has a shortage of questions I might suggest a few.

Why was a no bid contract given out for $50,0000 to conduct the search? What was Mr' Panagores prior relationship with Robert Wasserman and why was the decision made to go with his firm? What business relationship existed between Panagore and Wasserman prior to the contract being issued?

I know the Council has been deluged with calls and comments from taxpayers  upset with the process, Council President Shawn Woode, stated at the recent meeting of the Maple Avenue NRZ that he was "very, very, very, very disappointed by the process". Ok. Mr Wooden, now do what you are empowered to do, and get to the truth  without casting any more of a cloud over the appointment of Chief Rovella


Anonymous said...

Those City Hall turds really need to get their act together.

The Rock said...

This is just another prime example of how screwed up those amatures at city hall are, I just hope they give the man the respect he deserves. The recent castile in the courant say that he'll be asked questions by the public, hopefully the same rules apply as they did when the three selected by the Wasserman group we're presented to the public. If this becomes a pearl harbor attack, the council as well as the Mayor better batten down the hatches, pack their bags and get out of dodge before holy hell breaks loose. This man has done more for this city in his short time than any other recent Chief has done. Screw this up and Hartford will become a ward of the State. Get it done !!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a waste of money, but now explain why it cost the City another $50,000.00 to instruct the Police Dept, Fire Dept. and Dispatch, and another dept. to move into the NEW Public Safety Building. Plans for this move were made years ago, so why now is it costing some company in West Htfd/Farmington to give there 2 cents in this? I think the Mayor likes to spend to much of the tax payers monies.

Anonymous said...

No it's not Pedro this time it's Panagore and Jaffee. This time the not so caped crusader has teamed up with the Villian known as the penguin