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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Mayoral Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec, left
(sorry Dave, I know you hate this picture, but I don't know how many more opportunities I will get to use it)
First his sterling silver caviar spoon was yanked away and now his key fob for the HPD Gym is being taken back. It is turning out to be a bad week for Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra's Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec. Hartford's Internal Audit Commission today requested HPD's Chief James Rovella to recover Kupiec's key fob which allows him unrestricted access to the Public Safety Building as well as end his access privileges for the Hartford Police Gym and Exercise facility stating that "it raises the issue of fairness" granting access to Kupiec while excluding other employees.

Several Police Officers have contacted me regarding this stating that the workout area is where they go to "blow off steam" after their shifts and they felt uncomfortable talking freely with the Mayor's Chief of Staff listening to their conversations. I can't say I disagree. I might direct Mr. Kupiec to the downtown YMCA, they sell memberships there and with his salary he can well afford it.

The added benefit is that it is a half block from Max Downtown. There is nothing like a filet and a belly full of caviar after a good workout, except now he will have to pay for it himself

Below is the Auditors e-mail to Chief Rovella requesting his action:.

Subj: Access to the Public Safety Complex and Gymnasium

Chief Rovella:
This is to follow-up on our previous correspondence regarding the matter of Jared Kupiec’s access to the Public Safety Complex (PSC
1. Providing Mr. Kupiec access to the PSC gymnasium raises the issue of fairness in that it is granting this privilege to one, albeit high level City of Hartford employee, while excluding others. It was also brought to our attention, through the tip, that certain officers are concerned about discussing potentially sensitive case information and other Police matters in Mr. Kupiec’s presence.
2. There is also a question as to the need for Mr. Kupiec to have a separate key card to access the PSC. We understand that the front desk of the PSC is manned on a 24 hour, seven day a week, 365 day a year, basis. As a result, Mr. Kupiec could reasonably be granted access to the PSC on an as needed basis by the officers at the front desk.
In light of the above, we recommend that you discontinue granting gymnasium privileges to Mr. Kupiec. In addition, unless there are reasons that we are unaware of for Mr. Kupiec needing his own access card to the PSC, we recommend that you deactivate his access capabilities and recover his card.
Please let us know your plans and timeframe for addressing this matter. If you have any questions regarding this request or the above please let me know. Thank you.
Patrick Campbell


Anonymous said...

Good!!!! Instead of them taking his key card away, they should have read him his rights and arrested him for fraud. he gets paid enough money, that he could get his own gym membership, enough freebies Mr K. So,I don't blame the HPD cops. They work the streets all day, while Mr K sits in the office with the Mayor and COO planning their next big meal at the expense of the Taxpayers.

City Hall Worker said...

Maybe it's time the Mayor gets rid of his chief of staff. He has done nothing but abuse the office, disgrace the mayor and give him bad advice. Next time Mayor Cavier choose an experienced COS, not a 29 year old arrogant PUNK!

James Brown ( good god) said...

Jared should really think long and hard prior to making a statement to the press. His explanation on the SAMA deal to channel 30 and his current quote in the Courant about the HPD gym are totally absurd and insulting.

This kid clearly knows nothing about damage control or even a good spin, he can't even make up a reasonable excuse or explanation as to why they did what they did.

Lets start with he Channel 30 interview. His comment about the SAMA building going back on the tax roll is false, and he clearly knew that because SAMA is tax exempt. Does he really think people are eating the shit he's shoveling, NOT !!!

Pedro allowed this guy to go on TV and outright lie to the public just like he did when he said he paid for half of the New Year's Eve party at MAX's.

Thick as thieves I say.

Now for the courant quote, tax payers money's, really Jared, take some of that 15 k in a raise you got and buy a gym membership somewhere else. If we took your quote literly then every city employee should be able to take a car home, because the tax payers paid for it and they are a city employee. Hopefully the chief took your parking spot away too. Instead of recognizing the potential conflict he decided to makeup some lame ass quote instead.

Pedro, this kid has done nothing but caused you problems and embarrassment. You and your administration has become the laughing stock of the state. I love how the so called auditors only interviewed the individuals who were favorable to the Mayor about MAX's, not a true audit at all, it was a discrase and they didn't even address the 17,000 in charges to Jared's p-card that have not been justified, they talk about 30,000k unjustified expenses and have not made a conclusion if they were legal or ligimate city expenses. The only thing the audit showed was there was no oversight and the foxes were in charge of the Hen house.