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Monday, May 6, 2013


More details are coming out on the Mayor's new Years eve Dinner billed to the taxpayers of Hartford. In a document received from the City of Hartford today pursuant to a request , the itemized bill shows that $110.00 in caviar was billed to the taxpayers of Hartford.

More on this later ,and my thoughts when I have time to write more.

Caviar, while many in Hartford are wondering where their next meal is coming from.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, the caliber of work you perform is equivalent to that of area journalists. At some point you should be featured in a Hartford Courant story, a Kevin Rennie column, or on TV with Face the State. Democrats statewide must also weigh in on the ongoing embarrassment we suffer in Hartford. No one at the Capitol will want to support our city as long as the performance of current politicians and staff continues to fall under such withering scrutiny. The end must begin now.

Caviar. REALLY???

Anonymous said...

My question is how do you not know whether you paid for dinner with your credit card? Don't you need to put up your plastic or cash? Doesn't the wait staff give you a receipt to sign? They first give you a total bill, then merchant and customer receipts to sign for payment. Did Kupiec really not look at the total bill? Did he not sign approving it to be paid on the city dime? And this makes them all look worse. If they can't even figure out or watch receipts and payments for $700 how can they be trusted with millions in taxpayer $$? We all know the truth here. He was caught in a lie had to make it look good and came up with a lame story. How about just the truth for a change Mr. Mayor? And cavier, YUCK! Shame on you, shame on your administration. Who eats such lavish items, or yes you and your guests especially when on my dime!!! What a joke!

jeff said...

Caviar is better than rice and beans right mayor

Anonymous said...

As Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake" of course she was beheaded in the end.
I believe the end is nearer than we think.
Mayor Segarra, had a great opportunity to work with the Hartford City Council and build a working relationship with them ,as he as Council President ascended to become Mayor.
Unfortunately he squandered his opportunity to work with the Hartford City Council, and instead surround himself with his incompetent cabinet.
This Administration has shown they have no redeaming qualities, it is time they be shown the door.
And the city begin yet again the healing process, under the new Wooden administration.
Greed is a horrible thing, this Administration has shown nothing but Greed, and they truly thought they could continue their Shared Sacrifice statements and the poor Hartford residents would drink the coolaid.
How do you ask the working residents and the Unions to give back, when the Mayor, Chief of Staff and the Chief Operating Officer are eating Caviar!

Slippery Pete said...

They are all liars and theives. The state should step in and get rid of them all. Either they knew that is was on a City charge or they are dumber than they look.

Anonymous said...

These typical Liberal, Democratic, Progressive politicians who spew forth "Do as I say, not as I do! Besides we know how to spend your tax dollars better than you do" . Rome is burning and they keep on playing the fiddle. Do they really think the Unions in the city are going to roll over and give up / back what they've won thru previous contract negotiations? Thank God I have less than 2 years to go before I have my 25 years in!

Anonymous said...

Bad enough that they spent the TAXPAYERS DOLLARS, they now cannot remember the eighth member of the party of eight. I'm sure one of the seven remembers; who?? is the mysterious missing person that they couldn't name???.

Their lies get worse every time they try to fix it, come on give me a break. Did that expensive WINE had a big effect on their brains? or may be the CAVIAR? They are full of baloney to say the least. He and his crew are a bunch of CROOKS.

Anonymous said...


and his beaches are dinning on caviar, oyster and who knows what else their sniffing, and yet the city elderly, disable and poor are living on less than $5.00, and that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and tax.

Que puerco,

Please resign, you are out of touch, move forward and don't embarrass us any more.

Basta Ya! - Adios

Anonymous said...

Why was kee borges making $230,000 in salary when Panagore was shown the door? She just inherited his salary and added it to hers? Is anyone paying attention? Is there any oversight? Second, if the mayor and the cabinet now to be referred to as the liquor cabinet, were working, why were they drinking? All that alcohol while working is a no-no. Why isn't someone asking those questions? Who were the Hpd cops on overtime to guard the liquor cabinet? Were they drinking too or just enjoying caviar?

Anonymous said...

Why is it any different For Mayor "Caviar" Segarra to lie to the press, about this dinner, when former Mayor Perez did the exact same thing, a special proscecutor was brought in and he was ultimately found guilty.
Is anyone checking the years before this Audit to see if Mayor "Caviar" Segarra, and his Cohorts have been doing this all along?

Anonymous said...

I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how the press will feast on the treasurer's bills in NY. City hall insider tells me that the tras, whose wife is a direct report, by the way, spent 450 / night on park ave. Business or night that's an excessive bill.

I was really offended by Kupiak's tone in the courant article today. He paid the caviar bill noting that the city had more important business. Really? The honesty of city leadership is not important? I say it's time the whole bunch goes. I am sickened by their dishonesty, lack of responsibility and self control.

I cannot wait to see the details of the other bills. I would save the time and kick the bums out.

Shell Fish said...

The comments in the courant article just go to show you how caviar, oops cavalier, they are with what they do. For Pedro to ban the use of the p cards for business entertainment now is like shutting the barn door after the cows get out.
All of a sudden they realize that they should of paid out of pocket months after the incident, really. Who fooling who here, the audit was a joke with no real impact. The audit commission has no spine or balls, if they did they would of sent the report to the States Attorneys office. It will be interesting to see if Pedro treats any other employee who happened to misuse the p card differently than the boy blunder.
I guess when you eat caviar it's not that filling, so Kevin look into further receipts for Salute. The Mayor and his posse were seen there drinking and eating apps at th bar. What a discrase especially if the council lets them off easy.

Jeff said...

Check into Hook and ladder and Agavee by the XL center, very frequent stops by Seggara and his possee. Regardless this goon will be re-elected cause the people in Hartford don't care about what he spends the tax payers money on, all they care about is what entitlments will still be coming their way

Anonymous said...

Like a tribite to a fallen gang member, I'm going to light a few candles, drink a bottle of Hennesey dry and place them on the steps of city hall. Anybody care to join me?

The Political Exterminator said...

The Mayor,Borges and Kupiec are nothing more then parasites that need to be politically exterminated before their continued raping of the City treasury renders Hartford unable to keep afloat.



I think they have already pretty much done that

Anonymous said...

Sandra has screwed the city enough ,tell her to go get a real job, just like Fransisco did when he was done screwing us!.