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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It looks like City Hall workers should get used to the familiar faces of Siate Inspectors at City Hall once again. After the Perez Grand Jury, many at 550 Main were on a first name basis with the friendly guys from Rocky Hill.(Hopefully the questions they are asking don't relate to you )

But what has been referred to as a "distraction" by the Mayor's Office, may actually be referred to soon as a criminal investigation if the Hartford City Council has their way.

Councilman David McDonald has introduced a resolution which has been placed on Monday's Agenda for consideration calling for the recent Audit report into City Credit Card use to be referred to the Office of the Chief State's Attorney for investigation.

Here is the resolution below:


Who Me? said...

This so called distraction is going to cost someone their job in the end, either it be Pedro, the boy blunder or the wicked witch riding off on her broomstick, someone is going down. Just a word of advise Pedro, Jared doesn't want to be someone's cell bitch. I guess you are on your own, so much for the one guy you think you could trust.

When is this distraction,called your Chief of Staff, going to get the boot, cut him loose before he does more damage to what's left of your tattered reputation and while your at throw a bucket of water on the wicked witch too, make her melt away.

In the end you'll be left holding the bag acting as if you didn't know what was going on.

Just one more thing i have to tell you Pedro, in order for your credit card to be charged you first have to take it out of your wallet.

Anonymous said...

Caviar, Filet Mignon, Cheesecake, etc, etc. I'm sure the COO and her boyfriend/fiance Terry Waller was at the table with the Mayor. They often times dine out together downtown. Fine dining on the tax payer's dime while Hartford residents struggle to pay basic utility bills. So much for the idea of an honest and trustworthy Mayor. Hell, even Eddie Perez knew better than to pull this sort non-sense.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the lack of comments in the past few days i think this is a done deal. The people with Kevins help have said their peace. The lack of a Resolution by Wooden speaks volumes. He's cutting a deal with Pedro allowing for Pedros and Sandy Kee Borges and Kupiec's exit without prosecution and further shame. Unfortunately the lack of leadership by the entire Council is equally shameful. Both sides are playing a political game and further disgusting us taxpayers. Really people? As if we are the ignorant electorate you forever assume. Only in Hartford would this be allowed. If this played out in any other City the national news would be parked outside city hall. Shame on the electorate as well. Where are the community leaders advocating their dismissal and prosecution? State investigation? Shame on them! What a farce! Im moving! Its obvious the middle class are second hand citizens in this town. Im contacting business leadership in Hartford and state and federal officials and including the dismissal of council membership as they are a party to this debacle! Its apparent their lack of leadership concludes their participatory involvement I urge everyone do the same.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it ironic that for the past few decades the city is hell bent on hiring , appointing and obviously electing people within who "REFLECT" the "MAKEUP" of those who reside here. Hmmmm lets see how they are doing!.....Taking advantage of free handouts from Federal,State and Local government...sometimes doing illegal things with that free money....not performing their jobs to the best of their ability....not having a job at all....expressing a cavalier "screw you" attitude.... just plain being stupid and selfish. Having been born,raised and still working here, I can confidently tell you that they have done a great job and GOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED !! Cant wait to see what Hartford looks like in 10 years. Anybody want to make a large wager with me???

Anonymous said...

I can understand why they are cutting a deal with Pedro, SKB, and Kupiec, what I don't understand is that this has happened before-previous years ago especially with SKB, and again, she is getting away with it again...they should make all of these people pay back the monies that they spent, and then cut their retirement somewhat .

In The Know said...

Dear Anonymous, there is no deal to be made, if the Council doesnt refer the Audit and evidence to the State's Attorney, I will.

James Brown (Good God) said...

I heard there is a new recycling plant in downtown Hartford, is located at 550 Main St. City Hall at the COO office, antique recycling to be exact.
Really Pedro, how stupid do you think people are. Bring in another recycled former city employee to "temporarily" help in the COO 's office, we know who is running the show and it won't be "AL" it will still be SKB. Do you realize that the screw job you gave to Juan to protect your precious "Sandy" will come back to bite you right in your ass. All I have to say is good luck in the next election your arrogance and self serving narcissist Jared and the rest of the ass clowns you surrounded yourself with will be your undoing.
The one thing you failed to see and it's been right in front of your face the whole time is that your a like-able person and people wanted you to succeed but you never listed to the right ones. Your band of misfit toys you call your cabinet should shelved they will throw you under the bus when the heat gets too hot to handle. This P card thing is just the beginning, your delayed or inaction on issues are not good signs of a true leader. You can't abdicate your authority and not take responsibility for the outcome, you are still responsible, you are the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Well by the looks of it the Mayor and COO Borges has won the battle. Once again the Coo is getting away with her game plan, everyone knows that she will continue to be the COO until the Mayor's time run out. The search for a new COO will never happen, because that will break up the group of the "ELITE", the "CORRUPT" and the "CROOKED" attorneys..

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous, May 10, 2013 at 1:39 AM

This time it wasn't COO Borges fiancee Deputy Chief Terry Waller, he was working his shift, it was someone else that Sandy doesn't want to expose. The truth will never be known, as everyone has plea the fifth. Sorry Deputy Chief Waller, but the player has been played. Seven people and not one can remember the mystery person. UNBELIEVABLE!!