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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This has been building to become a bad situation for the Segarra Administration. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone how poor choices seem to define the "legacy" for many politicians. In this case though the poor choices seem to continue everyday.

It wasn't just the choice to whip out the old city credit card to pay for the caviar on the City dime. It goes much beyond that to a pattern of bad choices. Most people wondered how Segarra's Chief of Staff was issued a City vehicle after his personal vehicle sat behind City hall for weeks on a couple flat tires , until it was finally towed away.

Once he was issued a City car by Segarra, his behavior with it became an issue. The vehicle, former Chief Daryl K. Roberts SUV that he turned in when he retired, was spotted by police officers zipping around the City "Code 3", lights and siren blaring, reportedly to get to Happy Hour on time. Segarra actually stepped up that time and the car was taken away, only to be replaced a short time later by a new SUV.

Kupiec is the first Chief of Staff that I can recall that has been issued a City Vehicle. I know John Bazzano and it pains me to say, Matt Hennessey never had one either

The fact that the Connecticut State Capitol almost goes to Defcon 4 when Kupiec enters the building should have been another red flag for Segarra. Nonetheless, he still appointed Kupiec as his Chief of Staff. It's never a good thing when your hand picked Chief of Staff had previously jumped ship as a trusted worker on Governor Malloy's campaign to go to his opponent Ned Lamonts camp. Not everyone has a short memory in the political game. Relationships matter.

The culmination of the road to disaster was the New Years Eve Dinner charges,.It was hardly the first indicator that poor judgement was an issue. The decision to accept a $20,000 raise when the City was , and is, heading for financial meltdown should have raised red flags. It wasn't going to go unnoticed and that raise alone is more than what many Hartford residents take home in a year.

The sense of entitlement by all of those close to Segarra is clearly evident. It is ironic that a short time ago at election time Segarra made a huge point that he was leaving his Mercedes at home and driving a Prius since Hartford was moving toward being a green city in everything from its cleaning supplies to the vehicle its Mayor was driving. Surprise, surprise, shortly after the election the Mayor went back to a brand new SUV and his entire "Cabinet" are now driving new SUV's. So much for election year examples.

Although much has been made about the New Years Eve Dinner, it is most likely the tip of the iceberg. Numerous charges for food and beverages on Kupiec's card are still undocumented as far as whether they were legit City business or frat boy wannabe social favors. The latter appears more likely due to the lack of documentation.

Also not a lot is being said about the $30,000 dollars that is unallocated or unsubstantiated from last years close of business according to the audit report. The fact that virtually all of the City travel was essentially unverified is a problem also. And sadly, if Segarra's chief of Staff and COO were minding the store, accountability would have been an every day thing, not a rush to provide documentation when the auditors came knocking.

The "slippery nipple" COO should have known better after her 2000 hit from the Courant for the exact same behavior. I guess we can give the Chief of Staff a little pass because he has never had a real job and this can be chalked up to on the job training. But maybe it is time that they look elsewhere besides Hartford City Hall for their OJT.Read more on the "slippery nipple" COO here

Pedro, how much more are you going to allow? Really, I think we all would like to know what your plan is to stop the bleeding. Did it really need to come to this?


James Brown (good god) said...

James Brown ( good god) said...
Jared should really think long and hard prior to making a statement to the press. His explanation on the SAMA deal to channel 30 and his current quote in the Courant about the HPD gym are totally absurd and insulting.

This kid clearly knows nothing about damage control or even a good spin, he can't even make up a reasonable excuse or explanation as to why they did what they did.

Lets start with he Channel 30 interview. His comment about the SAMA building going back on the tax roll is false, and he clearly knew that because SAMA is tax exempt. Does he really think people are eating the shit he's shoveling, NOT !!!

Pedro allowed this guy to go on TV and outright lie to the public just like he did when he said he paid for half of the New Year's Eve party at MAX's.

Thick as thieves I say.

Now for the courant quote, tax payers money's, really Jared, take some of that 15 k in a raise you got and buy a gym membership somewhere else. If we took your quote literly then every city employee should be able to take a car home, because the tax payers paid for it and they are a city employee. Hopefully the chief took your parking spot away too. Instead of recognizing the potential conflict he decided to makeup some lame ass quote instead.

Pedro, this kid has done nothing but caused you problems and embarrassment. You and your administration has become the laughing stock of the state. I love how the so called auditors only interviewed the individuals who were favorable to the Mayor about MAX's, not a true audit at all, it was a discrase and they didn't even address the 17,000 in charges to Jared's p-card that have not been justified, they talk about 30,000k unjustified expenses and have not made a conclusion if they were legal or ligimate city expenses. The only thing the audit showed was there was no oversight and the foxes were in charge of the Hen house.

Grass knoll said...

Hey don't forget the two Cops who sat and dined on taxpayers money too, all the while getting paid overtime. I am sure at what the Sgt/ Detective got paid that night would of covered their meal.

Kevin your right, how can you provide security when your looking at the dinner menu trying to decide on lamb or a filet. You don't see the Gov. Security detail sitting down with him having a bite each time he eats. I am pretty sure the Secret Service doesn't either.

The fact that this pompous ass of a Mayor thinks he needs a security detail is absolutely absurd. He runs around all day without it and then at night or a high profile event, bamb, a security detail appears all on overtime for what , nothing. There is no known thereat or has been an attempt to attack the Mayor so why the paranoia.

Theses two cops should of known better then to sit down while working and eating a meal on the tax payers dollar. I am sure there are policies against taking gifts or graft as a police officer, this is graft at its finest, and they grafted the tax payers.

If the Chief is so moral and holds everyone else to a moral standard then the Chief should find out what they ate and have them reimburse the city and remove them for any future details, even though their should not any further details the Mayor doesn't need it.

I am sure it will elevate the strain on the Chief's overtime budget too.

Stop the madness Chief Rovella and do the right thing, you've been quite through this whole thing, now is the time to speak up since your dept. is involved and will be when your former boss comes marching in at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Segarra only cares about taking care of his "close friends and loyal supporters." Politics is Hartford will never change!! What? Hartford doesn't deserve better? In 2013 we are talking about this kind of stuff? It is offensive that elected officials and city leadership personnel such as the Chief of Staff and COO do as they wish with no repurcussions from their Boss and our Mayor!! Disgraceful. But it is o.k. because it is the Hartford way? Please. Hartford deserves better!

Anonymous said...

Bullshitters all of them! That being said, I feel Sagara needs to take some time and join up with weight watchers for a few months, lookin pretty plump, a little tuck, mabey some lipo, Max food is pretty rich I hear. It's really showing! Pedro! You chubby little chipmunk you! And those bags! Good lord!

Anonymous said...

Jared has become a MAJOR Liability. his Adolescent behavior and lack of political panache (Nasty Rude POS attitude w/o political know how)is making you look like a Political FOOL.

Jared, save Pedro, FKing RESIGN !!!